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Anti-Knight Thermo Killer Sandwich Magic Square Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 16. Juni 2020, 00:28 Uhr von hellan)

This is my very first attempt in sudoku creation so I hope it is as hard as I belive it is.

The rules are:

1) Normal sudoku rules apply, with ANTI-KNIGHT move constraint

2) Central 3x3 must form a MAGIC SQUARE (each row, column and diagonal of the 3x3 box must sum to the same amount)

3) Standard KILLER SUDOKU rules (cages cannot contain repeated digits)

4) Standard SANDWICH SUDOKU rules (number outside the grid shows the sum of digits between lowest and highest digit in the row/column)

5) Standard THERMO SUDOKU rules (digits need to increase starting from the bulb)

I hope you like the puzzle.


Puzzle is available on Penpa-Edit

Lösungscode: 2nd row and 8th Column

Zuletzt geändert am 16. Juni 2020, 15:11 Uhr

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am 7. Januar 2021, 19:02 Uhr von hellan
Thank you, Bankey :)

am 7. Dezember 2020, 18:25 Uhr von Bankey
Very interesting combination of different rule-sets. Good fun. Thanks, Hellan.

am 16. Juni 2020, 17:42 Uhr von hellan
@Rotstein, thank you so much :)

am 16. Juni 2020, 17:06 Uhr von Rotstein
@hellan it's okay, it happens, very nice puzzle :)

am 16. Juni 2020, 16:48 Uhr von Statistica
Very nice! Congratulations.

am 16. Juni 2020, 15:34 Uhr von hellan
Sorry about that haha, new to all of this (my first puzzle) so I messed up the code. Well done anyway

am 16. Juni 2020, 15:21 Uhr von SirWoezel
Heh... I already closed the Penpa-edit window. Oh well, I'll do it again. I know where to look now!

am 16. Juni 2020, 15:11 Uhr von hellan
changed the description for the solution code (it said 7th column, it should have said 8th). Sincere apologies for anyone that solved the puzzle. Thank you for your input and well done

am 16. Juni 2020, 11:51 Uhr von Madmahogany
Same here, I think the solution code may not be correct

am 16. Juni 2020, 08:32 Uhr von Rotstein
So, I solved it and double checked and there's no mistake, but it's saying the solution code is incorrect, maybe there's a typo error in the solution code, can you please verify?

am 16. Juni 2020, 02:19 Uhr von hellan
added tags

am 16. Juni 2020, 00:36 Uhr von hellan
changing difficulty setting

am 16. Juni 2020, 00:30 Uhr von hellan
Added Name to the puzzle

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