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Classic Sudoku n°3

(Eingestellt am 16. Juni 2020, 00:00 Uhr von Carrick22)


Classic Sudoku rules are as follow : Each row, column and 3x3 region must contain the digits 1-9 once.

I attempted to leave the symmetry to opt for aesthetics with triples. This puzzle is harder than the second but does not go further than a XY-wing and a pair, as far as i'm aware of. I'll be back to the lab to make a nice one when i'll get used to make these.

Fact : The original puzzle I made didn't include the 8 in r5c9, but was brutal; I kept it to tone it down by adding a digit. Attemp the older puzzle at your own risk (4* if not greater without TandE).

Link to the second Classic Sudoku

You can use Penpa-edit for solving it on your browser.

Lösungscode: Row 4, followed by column 3.

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