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Evens-In Odds-Out Sandwich

(Eingestellt am 14. Juni 2020, 16:05 Uhr von Aporion)

Hello. This is my first try at creating a puzzle so I hope it goes well.

Normal Sudoku rules apply. Additionally, the numbers outside each row/column represent the sum of the even digits inside and any odd digits outside 1 and 9 in that row/column.

Even digits outside or odd digits inside 1 and 9 are not counted toward that row/column's sum.

For example, a row with the digits 251346897 would produce a sum of 30: 4+6+8+5+7.

Thanks very much for trying my puzzle.

Link to solve the puzzle in penpa-edit.

Lösungscode: C3 and R6

Zuletzt geändert am 21. Juni 2020, 17:34 Uhr

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am 21. Juni 2020, 17:34 Uhr von Aporion
Adding an icon.

am 20. Juni 2020, 20:56 Uhr von bob
Lately I have been seeking and solving less popular puzzles from newer constructors and most of the time find good puzzles. I didn't think I would like this one but I did. Part of the challenge is coming up with new theorems that fit the rules. Completely logical path; I didn't even have to erase (unusual for me!)

am 19. Juni 2020, 13:26 Uhr von Rollo
Plaese add sudoku icon.

am 15. Juni 2020, 05:52 Uhr von Aporion
Trying link again.

am 15. Juni 2020, 05:37 Uhr von Aporion
Add penpa-edit link.

am 14. Juni 2020, 18:36 Uhr von Aporion
Revising labels and tags

am 14. Juni 2020, 18:10 Uhr von Aporion
Revise tags, simplify solution code description

am 14. Juni 2020, 17:55 Uhr von dm_litv
Great new idea, good implementation.

am 14. Juni 2020, 17:28 Uhr von Aporion
Remove incorrect label icon.

am 14. Juni 2020, 17:26 Uhr von Aporion
Revise label icon.

am 14. Juni 2020, 17:18 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
Thanks, that looks much better!

am 14. Juni 2020, 17:03 Uhr von Aporion
Thanks for the feedback @Puzzle_Maestro. I have revised the image using the resource you provided.

am 14. Juni 2020, 16:56 Uhr von Aporion
Updated the grid image.

am 14. Juni 2020, 16:15 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
For a more palatable formatting style, perhaps use this: https://rjrudman.github.io/penpa-edit/.

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