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Knight Escape Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 30. Juni 2020, 05:02 Uhr von Rotstein)

-Normal Sudoku rules apply
-Cells separated by a knight's move cannot contain the same digit
-A "Knight" have to escape the grid starting from the 1 (R1C1) and reach the exit in the 9 (R9C9) but he's very particular about his path
-Knight's Path rules:
-The Knight moves like a knight in chess
-The Knight must do exactly 14 moves from start to finish and cannot repeat a cell in his path
-The Knight must do the same number of moves in each 3x3 box in his path (i.e. in each box he goes through including the start and finish box) (if he goes from one box to another, it counts for the box where the move was originated)
-Example: If he goes from box 2 to box 3 it counts one move for box 2 and no move for box 3
-The Knight goes either to a 1 higher or 1 lower digit from where he's at, except for the special move
-The Knight can do a one time only special move where he goes to the double the digit he's in
-Example: If he's in a 4 he could go to a 3, 5 or do the special move and go to an 8 (if he goes to the 8, he couldn't do the special move again)
-Finnally the Knight's path must have each digit from 1 to 9 at least once
-You can try this puzzle in your browser by clicking in the link below
Enjoy the puzzle!

Lösungscode: the knight's path start to finish

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am 25. Juli 2020, 16:51 Uhr von Rotstein
@bob if you want a hint make a hidden comment and i'll give you one

am 25. Juli 2020, 03:45 Uhr von bob
I think the knight's path is vitally important--I just don't know how to use it with so many possibilities. I found at least one solution that was anti-knight but had no path. The main problem for me ws absolutely brutal difficulty...I gave up after more than 3 hours.

am 2. Juli 2020, 20:03 Uhr von henrypijames
There was little interaction between the night's path and the sudoku - at least I could find more better ways to figure out and use the path. Apart from the first and last move, I mostly just did knight's sudoku, and only when the grid was completely finished, found the knights path. I assume there should be a more elegant logical path.

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