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Parity Runs #3: Skyscraper

(Eingestellt am 10. Juni 2020, 20:17 Uhr von Madmahogany)

This is a combination of a "Parity Runs" puzzle and a skyscraper puzzle. I will reiterate the rules of Parity Runs below.

Normal Sudoku rules apply. The two outer numbers outside the grid represent the two longest runs of one parity (odd or even) in that row/column. Note that this is just the longest runs regardless of parity (that is, both the longest runs could be odd, for example). Essentially, the row/column is a string of 9 numbers, which can be split into runs of odds and evens. Considering the lengths of each of these runs, the two longest lengths are given outside the grid. For example, if the digits in the row were 145796832, this has runs of length 1,1,3,2,1,1, so the clue outside the grid would be "3 2".

The numbers closer to the grid represent skyscraper clues. Essentially, if each cell in the grid had a skyscraper of the height of the digit in that cell, the skyscraper clue indicates the number of such skyscrapers you can see from that direction (taller skyscrapers block smaller ones). Additionally, the 1 and 5 in column 5 and row 5 respectively indicate the first hidden skyscraper in that direction i.e. the height of the first skyscraper you cannot see in that direction.

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This is part of a series of puzzles I have in mind with this rule set. I was inspired by glum_hippo's Parity Party series when thinking about this rule set. If you want to do a puzzle with the same rule-set that is simpler, try this Introduction puzzle

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Lösungscode: Diagonals from top-left to bottom-right, followed by bottom-left to top-right

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am 8. Februar 2021, 11:27 Uhr von StefanSch
The puzzle is nice, but in my opinion there are to much hints.

@StefanSch That is true, I did include a lot of hints for this. Hopefully it was enjoyable nonetheless.

am 7. September 2020, 21:19 Uhr von Madmahogany
Clarification of the rules

am 16. Juli 2020, 12:53 Uhr von Madmahogany
Penpa link

am 13. Juni 2020, 19:33 Uhr von Madmahogany
@Jesper @anu_chakravarti Thank you!

am 13. Juni 2020, 16:33 Uhr von Jesper
A very enjoyable puzzle!

am 13. Juni 2020, 12:23 Uhr von anu_chakravarti
Really nice puzzle! I loved the intermix of the skyscraper clues and the runs clues

am 12. Juni 2020, 23:28 Uhr von Madmahogany
Updated links

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