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Pyramid Cult's Favorites (9/11): Shikaku

(Eingestellt am 3. Juli 2020, 07:00 Uhr von athin)

Rules of Triangular Shikaku:
  • Divide the grid into triangles or quadrilaterals with the numbers in the cells.
  • Each triangle or quadrilateral is to contain only one number showing the number of cells in the triangle or quadrilateral.

Pyramid Cult's Favorites is a puzzle series written by me and tested by Ivan Adrian Koswara (chaotic_iak). The aim is to find the favorites of "pyramid cult" to be able to join in it. The series consists of 10 "classic" puzzles with 1 final meta puzzle. Each has a hidden keyword as the solution code and written in English. Rest assured, no anagram is needed so it should not be too hard for non-English speakers (with the meta puzzle as an exception).

Here is the transcribed letters from the grid in the order their triangle appear (from top to bottom row, reading from leftmost to rightmost triangle):


As this puzzle's code is harder to find than usual, here is a hint: odd-sized quadrilaterals, 7 letters.

Lösungscode: What is Pyramid Cult's Favorite Stationeries?

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am 17. Dezember 2020, 15:49 Uhr von Ours brun
I found the answer-code in just a couple minutes but it felt like it could have taken me a lot more time, it was really just a lucky hunch. And I don't see how I could have done it without the hint.

am 22. Juli 2020, 19:32 Uhr von Dotty
S'il y a d'autres francophones, sachez que la traduction "étranges" signifie en fait impairs.

am 10. Juli 2020, 08:32 Uhr von CHalb
ildiko, ich hab dir eine PN geschickt.

am 4. Juli 2020, 13:28 Uhr von CHalb
Good puzzle, very good series and I understand it is not easy to find an easy way of defining a solution code following the self set guideline. But still too less logic in the solution code in my opinion.

am 4. Juli 2020, 09:16 Uhr von dm_litv
Due to the solution code, I have to put two stars for quality.

am 4. Juli 2020, 08:36 Uhr von Dandelo
I think, it's ok now. The problem is that it is called 'Shikaku' and it has a mystery part, but the Shikaku was about 1% of the puzzle without the hint. With the 1st hint, it is solvable but still the mystery part is large.

If you want the classical puzzle to be only the first step to get the mystery puzzle, this is ok. But then you should clearly say, that it is a mystery word search with a Shikaku part.

I think the people here dislike that they have solved the described puzzle and want to fill in the solution code, but only then notice that the real puzzle starts at this point. If you mention this in the rules, this would be ok. Everyone could decide to ignore the puzzle before solving.

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am 4. Juli 2020, 01:12 Uhr von athin
Adding one more hint. Hopefully it's more solvable now (yet, I'm still avoiding the giveaway.)

Zuletzt geändert am 4. Juli 2020, 00:01 Uhr

am 4. Juli 2020, 00:00 Uhr von Dandelo
@rob,ropeko: die Richtung stimmt...

am 3. Juli 2020, 18:34 Uhr von Dandelo
The puzzle is nice, but the solution code ...

am 3. Juli 2020, 18:30 Uhr von Dandelo
@christian: Einer deiner Versuche ist richtig, bis auf einen falschen Buchstaben.

Zuletzt geändert am 3. Juli 2020, 15:35 Uhr

am 3. Juli 2020, 15:33 Uhr von athin
Sorry, I'm aware that the code is harder to find than usual -- especially for non-English speakers -- and I totally forgot to include a hint (as this puzzle is posted in a scheduled time.)

The hint is now added.

Zuletzt geändert am 3. Juli 2020, 11:49 Uhr

am 3. Juli 2020, 11:46 Uhr von saskia-daniela
After solving the shikaku within 5 minutes it took me at least 1 hour to find the solution code. Maybe a little hint could help other solvers? I think finding the solution code is really not as obvious as in the previous puzzles... After failing with every idea I had finding the answer was more like a lucky punch to me.

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