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Position Sums Sudoku 2

(Eingestellt am 4. Juni 2020, 14:27 Uhr von donut and chicken)

I had a lot of fun making the first puzzle, so I decided to make another.
Normal sudoku rules apply. (Place every number from 1 to 9 in all rows, columns and main 3x3 boxes.)
In addition, there are two sets of clues outside the grid.
The clues closer to the grid tell the sum of the first two numbers in that row/column from the direction the clue is facing [left clues go left to right, top clues go top to bottom].
The clues highlighted red tell the sum of the two numbers the first two are pointing to. [For example; if the first two numbers are 2 and 6, the closer clue says 8, and the red clue gives the sum of the 2nd number and the 6th number [still in the direction it faces].
Here is an example of an entire row and its two clues:
Another example in text:
A row from left to right reads [ 3 | 1 | 5 | 7 | 9 | 2 | 8 | 4 | 6 ].
The first two digits are 3 and 1, therefore the clue in black (closer to the grid) is a 4.
Now the red clue looks for the 3rd and the 1st numbers in the row.
The 3rd number is a 5, and the 1st number is a 3, therefore the clue in red is an 8.
The puzzle:
Alternative Name: Two-Digit Combination Sudoku 2
Thanks to Richard for coming up with a better name for this puzzle! When I make more puzzles of this type, I'll use 'Position Sums Sudoku' as its name. :)

Lösungscode: Row 4 (left to right), then Row 9 (left to right), no characters in between; Example: 123456789142358679

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am 24. Februar 2021, 20:04 Uhr von glum_hippo
Penpa-Version mit eingebettetem Lösungs-Check: https://git.io/JtdEf

am 5. Juni 2020, 22:01 Uhr von 0123coolkid
Wonderful puzzle! Once I got used to the ruleset, it was pretty smooth sailing! Nice construction :)

am 5. Juni 2020, 13:14 Uhr von Madmahogany
I love the idea behind this puzzle! How do you go about setting such a self referential puzzle?

am 4. Juni 2020, 20:37 Uhr von Big Tiger
When I came across the first one, I think I may have been tired ... because I couldn't even get through the instructions to try it. But venturing out today on this one, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not so easy that I didn't have a challenge, and not so challenging that I just felt like giving up and waiting for Simon or Mark to do it for me! This is a variant I would enjoy stumbling across in a Sudoku magazine at the supermarket.

am 4. Juni 2020, 15:26 Uhr von donut and chicken
Added 'Arithmetics Needed'

am 4. Juni 2020, 15:24 Uhr von donut and chicken
Changed Puzzle Name!

am 4. Juni 2020, 15:21 Uhr von donut and chicken
Changed Tag!

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