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Killer Battlefield Sudoku : Enigma

(Eingestellt am 29. Mai 2020, 12:14 Uhr von Carrick22)

Crypto Killer Battlefield Sudoku

  • This puzzle is a tribute to Big_Tiger. Loved the puzzle concept, and all credits go to him for the Battlefield Sudoku idea and rules.

Apply classic Sudoku rules : Each row, column and bold-outlined region must contain the digits 1-9 once.

Furthermore, digits in a cage (dotted areas) must sum up to the value of each cage (in its top left corner). No digit may be repeated within a cage.

The rules for Battlefield Sudoku are as follow, as @Big_Tiger explains them :

On this ancient battlefield, 36 armies fought - 9 from each horizontal direction, and 9 from each vertical direction. Each army advanced X squares, with X being the first number in their row or column, and counting the first square as part of their advance.

Where two opposing armies overlapped, there was a bloody battle, and the sum of the digits in the overlapping squares are their casualties. Where two opposing armies ceased advancing and declared a truce before a battle could ensue, the sum of the digits in the unharmed squares are the lives spared.

The numbers outside the clued rows and columns indicate the total of either the casualties or the lives spared, but do not indicate whether it was a battle or a peaceful truce.

On the puzzle grid, red squares indicate the only fields where both a row and a column went to battle. Green squares indicate the only fields where none of the four armies from that row or column ever marched that day.

As said before, all credits to @Big_Tiger for the ruleset. If you need illustrated examples of how the clues work, you can check out his (clearly better explained) puzzles. Anyways, back to my janky rules.

In this puzzle however, all clues are encrypted (thus a reference to Enigma), and each letter from A-J must be paired with a number from 0-9. Different letters are different numbers. Notes:

  • A clue must be a positive value (10, 20 and so on can appear, but there can be no 0 in the grid on its own).
  • No meaningless 0s can appear in the clues (e.g. a "5" clue cannot be written as "05").
  • The number AB represent the number for which A is the tens digit, and B the units. It does not means A*B.

You can use Penpa-edit for solving it on your browser.

Lösungscode: Row 6, followed by column 5.

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am 12. Juli 2020, 10:36 Uhr von kmoter
Got a question here, how does that JG clue in column 6 work with that green cell in that column? I got stuck there cause this break the solution, or i miss something?

am 11. Juli 2020, 23:30 Uhr von Big Tiger
The Battlefield Family keeps making headway on "Cracking the Cryptic"!

am 8. Juli 2020, 08:26 Uhr von Carrick22
@DiMono Glad you enjoyed it !

am 8. Juli 2020, 07:26 Uhr von DiMono
This was my first crypto sudoku. I was so nervous committing to my values for B E and A. Great puzzle!

am 14. Juni 2020, 13:11 Uhr von Mody
Ganz großartig

am 13. Juni 2020, 06:20 Uhr von Big Tiger
Finally got back to this one. Nicely done. One little step at a time slowly unfolds the whole thing.

am 31. Mai 2020, 11:44 Uhr von marcmees
very nice. Many thanks to B.T. & C.22

am 29. Mai 2020, 19:30 Uhr von Big Tiger
In one week I went from inventing a puzzle to being honored by a variant of it! I don't have time to solve it right now (I have managed to place the easiest 6 digits on the grid and then stared at it for 10 minutes wondering how on earth to proceed), but thank you for enjoying the original enough to run with it!

am 29. Mai 2020, 15:38 Uhr von Carrick22
Clearer rules on the crypto part.

Zuletzt geändert am 29. Mai 2020, 15:36 Uhr

am 29. Mai 2020, 15:33 Uhr von Realshaggy
Very small remark/question. For this kind puzzles with coded digits, it is usually mentioned, if a double clue can start with tens digit 0. (Some setters even allow that, thats why I'm asking.)

- Indeed, I will tweak the ruleset for clearer instructions.

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