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Battlefield Sudoku #1

(Eingestellt am 29. Mai 2020, 04:07 Uhr von Big Tiger)

Standard Sudoku Rules apply to the final numerical layout.

The Battlefield Basics: On this ancient battlefield, 36 armies fought: 9 from each horizontal direction, and 9 from each vertical direction. Each army advanced X cells, with X being the first number at their end of their row or column, and counting the first cell as part of their advance.

Where two opposing armies overlapped, there was a bloody battle and resulting casualties. Where two opposing armies ceased advancing and declared a truce before a battle could ensue, lives were thankfully spared.

The Numbers outside each row and column indicate the sum of either the casualties or the lives spared, but do not indicate whether it was a battle or a truce.

On the puzzle grid, Red Cells indicate all the fields where both a row and a column engaged in battle. Green Cells indicate all the fields where none of the four armies from that row or column ever entered.


Setter's Diary :: May 29, 2020 :: I was introduced to the concept of an "X" cell on the edge of a row or column when I saw CTC's Simon solve a puzzle that relied on this idea. Using that basic notion, that the first cell of a row or column would indicate how far to sum, or move, or whatever, I tried out a concept that was bubbling around in my brain. And the Battlefield was born.

To my knowledge this is a new variant. In my three months as a novice of creative Sudokus, I have not found it on any CTC video, or anywhere on Logic Masters. I will be happy to credit someone else who came up with it and published before May 29th, but I did create it independent of anyone's previous creation.

I was originally going to number only the rows and columns where a battle took place. I was going to mark all rows or columns where the armies did not meet with a "PT" for "Peace Talks". But that left so many rows and columns wide open that I could not solve the puzzle, and I suspect it was unsolvable by any logical means. So I came up with the idea of summing both types of encounter, and letting the solver decipher whether it was a battle or a truce.

Even then I discovered something frustrating: It is possible, even likely, that there will be very vague areas on the grid prone to pairs of pairs that cannot be disambiguated. Several attempts at a puzzle that could be solved logically to reach a unique solution went in the trash before the one you see before you now came into being. And so here is the very first official Battlefield Sudoku. Enjoy.

Lösungscode: Top left to bottom right diagonal.

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am 17. September 2020, 14:13 Uhr von cdwg2000
Video problem solving from Bilibili website: https://b23.tv/W4Fj1E

*** Oh, sweet!

On a whim I just now googled "Battlefield Sudoku" - someone has added it to the CTC wiki fandom page, and someone on Twitter promoted it ... And to think, I was just sitting bored in my cubicle at work one day and said, "I wonder if THIS notion would work." :-D

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am 11. Juli 2020, 19:57 Uhr von MatthewDonovan
Great puzzle! Now time to work through your others! Thanks :)

*** I would be honored!

am 11. Juli 2020, 18:19 Uhr von Big Tiger
Woo-hoo, I'm famous now! That was fun. Thank you, everyone, who solved this puzzle when it first came out so that it caught the eye of CTC - and everyone who has solved it since!

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am 11. Juli 2020, 04:02 Uhr von Nylimb
@Big Tiger: Congratulations on getting on CtC!
I decided to solve the puzzle again before watching the video. My logic was mostly the same as Simon's but, as usual, I was much slower: 44 minutes.

P.S.: I don't know if you've noticed this, but DiMono has added some tags for battlefield sudokus; see https://logic-masters.de/Raetselportal/Raetsel/zeigen.php?id=0003SY . I've added them to my puzzles too; you might want to do the same.

am 11. Juli 2020, 02:25 Uhr von Narayana
Congrats Big tiger! This has finally been featured on CTC. I also saw your own promo video. Cool office! But it is good that I stopped the video before Simon started cracking and came here to check, because I thought I had already solved this one and it turns out I had not. I can't wait to solve the original Battlefield!

am 4. Juni 2020, 21:03 Uhr von kishy72
At the start, I couldn't make sense of the orange and green cells and how they actually aid the solve and the word march confused me.But kept thinking and understood the concept. Beautiful idea !

am 4. Juni 2020, 18:22 Uhr von Madmahogany
This was really fun to do! One of my favourites.

am 4. Juni 2020, 04:43 Uhr von Nylimb
Very nice puzzle!

am 1. Juni 2020, 19:06 Uhr von Big Tiger
I woke up to four stars for difficulty and a 98% rating! You guys made my June start off great!

am 1. Juni 2020, 16:12 Uhr von Mody
Sehr schwer und sehr schön :)

am 30. Mai 2020, 02:44 Uhr von Big Tiger
Skywalker: My goal was a puzzle that didn't need any tiny little tweak for final disambiguation and I finally got one! If I put the other one back up, it will be after re-arranging enough digits that it produces one definite solution without any additional clues.

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