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2-cell diagonal Knight Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 24. Mai 2020, 03:58 Uhr von Rotstein)

-Normal sudoku rules apply.
-Cells separated by a knight's move (in chess) can't contain the same digit
-Digits cannot repeat if they are diagonnaly apart for exactly 2 cells.
Example: r3c3 cannot be the same as r1c1, r1c5 r5c1 and r5c5 (but r3c3 could be the same as r4c2 or r4c4 or r2c4)

Lösungscode: Digits in middle 3x3 box from left to right top to bottom

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am 25. Mai 2020, 20:28 Uhr von Rotstein
@circleconstant314 sorry I didn't understood it before, but answering your question I really don't know, I apologize but I'm not really an expert on setting, as a matter of fact this is only the second time I created a sudoku, I just thought of this constraint and did it, after I study more about it I may be able to answer you properly

am 25. Mai 2020, 16:28 Uhr von Rotstein
@circleconstant314 yes, the rulesets force a unique solution

am 25. Mai 2020, 16:23 Uhr von Rotstein
yes, R5C6 is just a mouse pointer, sorry about that

am 24. Mai 2020, 11:24 Uhr von dm_litv
No, I think it's just a mouse pointer.

am 24. Mai 2020, 11:20 Uhr von marcmees
Is there a significance for the line in R5C6 ?

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