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Spiral Stumper Series (1/5): Tilepaint

(Eingestellt am 23. Mai 2020, 01:16 Uhr von athin)

Rules of Tilepaint:
  • The areas enclosed by bold lines are called "Tiles" and color the tiles with the following rules.
  • The cells of a tile must all be colored with black or left uncolored.
  • A number tells the number of black cells there has to be to the right or downward in the line/column.

The standard Tilepaint rules apply.

Lösungscode: The marked row. Use 'X' for black cells and '-' for white cells.

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am 7. Juni 2020, 12:57 Uhr von Dandelo
Also Otto Janko hat ziemlich gut nachgeforscht. Er sagt zu diesem Rätseltyp:

Tairupeinto wurde von Toshiharu Yamamoto erdacht und erstmals in der japanischen Rätselzeitschrift Puzzle Communication Nikoli (Nr. 53, 1995) veröffentlicht.

am 23. Mai 2020, 21:59 Uhr von Rollo

am 23. Mai 2020, 11:15 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
Interestingly, I’ve seen this genre go by a lot of different names - it’s also been called ‘all or nothing’ and ‘crazy pavement’.

am 23. Mai 2020, 11:13 Uhr von athin
Changed tag from Tilepaint to Gebiete schwärzen.

Thanks @Rollo, I tried to find the tag before and didn't get any luck. Now at least we have two puzzles in the same tag.

am 23. Mai 2020, 11:03 Uhr von Rollo
This puzzle is known as 'Gebiete schwärzen' in the puzzlewiki. I did not find an english description. There is also a tag 'Gebiete schwärzen', but with only one entry. So now we have another tag with only one entry :-(.

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