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No 11s or 13s Sudoku - A fistful of dots

(Eingestellt am 24. Mai 2020, 11:38 Uhr von stephane.bura)

DIFFICULTY WARNING: There's a trick at the start of this puzzle and, if you employ it, you'll fill the grid at a leisurely pace. Otherwise, it will be a grueling experience. Have fun!

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

A dot is present between two cells if and only if the sum of their digits is N.
For each of the three colors of dots:
  • N is different from the other two values.
  • N is odd.
  • N is neither 11 nor 13.

Lösungscode: Column 8, column 9

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am 26. Mai 2020, 11:15 Uhr von Eloi.blok
Ok, I'll try it. Thanks @stephan

am 24. Mai 2020, 20:08 Uhr von stephane.bura
@Eloi.blok each color marks a different sum of two digits among 3, 5, 7, 9, 15 and 17.

am 24. Mai 2020, 19:57 Uhr von Eloi.blok
Although I read the instructions with a translator to english or spanish. I don t understand the last point about the colors. Somebody could explaine it different? Thanks!!!!

am 24. Mai 2020, 16:44 Uhr von Rollo
Very nice :-)

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