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Kakuro Series 6: Easy as Kakuro

(Eingestellt am 16. Mai 2020, 16:15 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro)

This is a variation of Kakuro and Easy as ABC.

Enter a single digit from 1 to 9 or letter from K, A, U, R, O into each cell so that each full row and column contains each letter exactly once. A number clue indicates the sum of the digits in the across or down entry. No digit is repeated within an entry (but digits may repeat within a full row or column). A letter clue indicates the first letter seen from that direction after the clue: letter clues can 'see' through clue squares. All letter clues point downwards or to the right, apart from those on the bottom and right borders of the grid, which point leftwards or upwards.

Interactive version available here

Lösungscode: Zeile 4 (11 Felde), Spalte 13 (11 Felde)

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am 23. Mai 2020, 23:02 Uhr von HaSe
Großartig - und nur für hoch Konzentrierte

am 23. Mai 2020, 19:40 Uhr von Realshaggy

am 23. Mai 2020, 10:36 Uhr von ch1983

am 19. Mai 2020, 07:19 Uhr von Mody

am 16. Mai 2020, 20:40 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
@Mody Yes. All letter clues which are not on the bottom/right border point right or down.

am 16. Mai 2020, 20:21 Uhr von Mody
Dann geht das "U" in Zeile4/Spalte6 also nach rechts?

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