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Even Odd Snakes Sudoku 2

(Eingestellt am 16. Mai 2020, 07:55 Uhr von Eggr)

Same rules as the first puzzle. So if you're familiar you can get started immediately.

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

The highlighted cells are the heads and tails of the two snakes found within the grid:
1 Odd Snake (only contains odd digits) and 1 Even Snake (only contains even digits)

Snakes do not touch. (orthogonality or diagonally).

Clues outside the grid show the total number of snake cells in the corresponding row or column.


The head of each snake is given, but which tail belongs to which snake must be determined.
Each 'snake' is a 1-cell wide path of orthogonality connected cells, starting at the 'head' and leading to the 'tail'.
Snakes never touch each other. (Including diagonally)
Snakes never touch themselves. (Including diagonally)
Snakes never 'double-back' to cover a 2x2 region.
Digits outside the snakes have no special restrictions

If you're struggling to place the snakes, highlight the text below to reveal some strategy recommendations:
[Hints] 1. The Odd/Even restriction on each snake is very powerful. Remember that basic Sudoku rules require exactly 4 Even digits, and 5 Odd digits to be in each row, box, and column. Many potential snake paths can be eliminated based on those restrictions.
2. Early-on marking each cell as Snake or not-snake can be quite helpful, later-on marking each cell as Even or Odd is also helpful

If you enjoyed these Snakes Sudokus, you may also enjoy classic Snake puzzles. Earlier this month zhergan posted a 10 puzzle series of them, which inspired me to create this hybrid.

Created by Greg Rodgers Powers

Lösungscode: Rows 7 and 9

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am 17. Mai 2020, 20:59 Uhr von Madmahogany
Loved the structure to this puzzle, even more so than the previous one! Brilliant concept!

am 17. Mai 2020, 03:30 Uhr von zhergan
Very nice logical path! Thanks..

am 16. Mai 2020, 10:07 Uhr von drawnblue
Great puzzle!! Really enjoyed it!!

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