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Tents puzzle with no digits ?

(Eingestellt am 14. Mai 2020, 10:41 Uhr von Carrick22)

Tents puzzle 10x

In this puzzle, you must place tents in the grid. Each tree must be orthogonally linked to a tent, and vice-versa. Tents can not touch, even diagonally. That's all you need to know for this puzzle !

You can use Penpa-edit for solving it on your browser.

Lösungscode: Content of row 9, a hyphen, then column 6. Use "T" for tent and "0" (zero) for a tree/blank space. example : T0T00T00T0-0000000T00

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am 25. September 2021, 01:31 Uhr von necaton
based on the rules, a tent can be linked to multiple trees, right?

Zuletzt geändert am 20. Juli 2021, 01:33 Uhr

am 20. Juli 2021, 01:33 Uhr von Realshaggy
Yes, it's already on the "How to publish puzzles" help page.

am 20. Juli 2021, 01:21 Uhr von Dugong
@pwahs: That's actually really interesting to know for someone who solves puzzles on this website. Makes entering solution codes more comfy. Is this information somewhere obvious where it gets rubbed in the face of newcomers? It should be!

am 16. Mai 2020, 13:29 Uhr von pwahs
Hi Carrick22,
Nice puzzle!
Some feedback about the solution code: You don't need to specify a separator like a hyphen. Anybody who wants can use a comma or space as separators, they are deleted before being compared to your solution code.

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