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Sudoku Family Fun Center

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Welcome to the Family Fun Center! We have a few rules before you can play!

The completed grid should follow Standard Sudoku rules.

Ticket Booth and Path: In the center of the arena is the Ticket Booth, and a path travels orthogonally from the booth to the outer wall of the arena.

Trampolines: Children can bounce from the trampolines in the direction of the arrows and land safely on a rubber mat. The number placed on the trampoline indicates how far it will bounce children across the arena. Some rubber mats will be used by more than one trampoline.

Zip Lines: Circled arrows indicate the launch platforms for the zip lines. Children soar over the arena to a landing pad with a digit identical to the launch platform. Numbers on the launch platform do not correspond to the distance traveled, and children will never pass over that digit during their passage along the zip line.

Seesaws: Every seesaw occupies two squares, and the total of the two digits is always 10.

Batting Cages: In each of our three batting cages, the digits in the cage add up to the total in the upper left corner, and no two digits are repeated within the cage.

Benches: For the parents who are tired of keeping up with their children, every 3x3 block has exactly one bench, and that bench is adjacent (straight or diagonally) to at least one seesaw.

Each square on the grid will be one, and only one, of the following:

The ticket booth

The path

A trampoline

A trampoline rubber mat

A zip line launch platform

A zip line landing pad

A seesaw

A batting cage

A bench

And determining where they are placed is vital to placing all the digits in the grid.


May 12, 2020 :: This is my first Sudoku, and while some prefer elegant simplicity, I like the busy look and lots of clues sometimes. So here it is! I have tested it, and it has a unique solution that is solvable with the given clues. It took me over an hour to prove the puzzle to myself, so I'll label it "Average" to start.

It all makes sense to me, but I welcome any comments if you find yourself confused by any part of the instructions.

Lösungscode: The numbers along the path, beginning at the edge of the grid and ending on the ticket booth.

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am 30. Juli 2020, 22:47 Uhr von Naantje
It took me several goes to solve it, but the mechanics were just so entertaining. So easy to miss things or make wrong assumptions though, there's just so many levels of thinking required. Just a novice here, did ask my husband a couple of times to help me verify my logic.

*** Thanks for playing! I'm a novice, too, but I'm getting better by solving various puzzles here on LM!

am 29. Juli 2020, 11:40 Uhr von Naantje
I made a grid for this in penpa-edit ;)


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am 15. Juli 2020, 15:36 Uhr von KevinCelis
This took me more tries than I'd like to admit, but the fact that I kept trying shows how much I liked it.

I came to this puzzle from your 3/4 ain't bad puzzle where you said people found your other rulesets to complicated/elaborate; I have to say, I actually like these puzzles with a bit of a story behind them that have a few more rules than usual.

**** Thanks for stopping by! Everyone's different, but yes, some want something they can read once and attack; others are fine with something more involved. Glad you plowed through this one. :-)

am 29. Juni 2020, 08:26 Uhr von Mody
Mir hat es Spaß gemacht :)

am 17. Mai 2020, 04:55 Uhr von Big Tiger
Lowered rating to 2 stars, easy.

am 13. Mai 2020, 05:05 Uhr von Big Tiger
I'm getting a better grasp of the purpose of the Icons, and have therefore updated it yet again. Sorry for all these extra comments; the program insists I leave one every time I tinker.

am 12. Mai 2020, 23:04 Uhr von Big Tiger
Added the Sudoku icon.

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am 12. Mai 2020, 22:56 Uhr von Rollo
Please add sudoku icon.
Thanks :-).

am 12. Mai 2020, 18:49 Uhr von Big Tiger
Edited to fix a typo.

am 12. Mai 2020, 18:48 Uhr von Big Tiger
Instructions edited for clarification, based on user questions.

am 12. Mai 2020, 18:43 Uhr von Big Tiger
CircleConstant314: "How does the path develop on cells that aren't zip lines or trampolines? Does it develop according to the digit in the cell or any amount?"

Reply: It is simply a path - the numbers on it don't affect it in any way. But since each square can only serve one function, locating the path does eliminate places where zip lines and trampolines can safely land. (The same is true for the Benches.)

am 12. Mai 2020, 10:02 Uhr von Circleconstant314
How does the path develop on cells that aren't zip lines or trampolines? Does it develop according to the digit in the cell or any amount?

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