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Multiple Snakes 10x

(Eingestellt am 6. Mai 2020, 19:26 Uhr von Carrick22)

Multiple Snakes 10x
  • This is a variant of the classical Snake puzzle.

Apply classic Snake rules :

  • Shade cells to create a body for the snake, linking two head/tail cells (represented by a grey circle). The link must be uninterrupted. The snake can not be formed diagonally (only orthogonally adjacent cells for the body).
  • The clues outside the grid indicates how many cells must be shaded in the corresponding row/column.
  • The snake cannot touch itself, even diagonally.

This variant includes multiple snakes on the grid. Different snakes can not touch, even diagonally. It is part of the puzzle to figure out which ends are linked.

Here is a link for solving it on your browser using Penpa-edit (use the "solution" option not to mess up anything). Using the "Surface" key, you can shade, and color squares for reference.

Lösungscode: Length of each snake (including head and tail) from smallest to biggest, then the number of shaded cell in each clueless row in reading order (rows 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 in that order; ends of snakes are considered shaded cells).

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am 6. Mai 2020, 21:33 Uhr von Carrick22
The puzzle is harder than my previous one because it requires the solver to proceed by contradiction. You can make deductions along the way, but always need to prove why something can't be that way. This process is still linear and you can only do so much at each step of the puzzle, making it a progressive solve.

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