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Color Tasukuea 10x

(Eingestellt am 6. Mai 2020, 16:01 Uhr von Carrick22)

Color Tasukuea 10x
  • This is a variant of the puzzle "Tasukuea".

Apply Tasukuea rules : Shade cells according to the following rules :

  • Shaded cells must form squares of any size.
  • Black squares can only touch diagonnally.
  • Clues cannot be shaded and are treated as white cells.
  • Clues represent the number of black cells adjacent to it. Ergo, a 13 clue is fulfilled if it is adjacent to a 2x2 black square + a 3x3 black square (4+9).
  • In the solved puzzle, white cells must form a unique field (all white cells are linked orthogonally).
  • A ? represent a number greater than 0.
Note : All clues are touching one or more black square(s) (unless its value is 0), but stranded squares can appear (i.e. that do not touch a clue).

This puzzle uses a variant called "Color Tasukuea". Here are the additionnal rules :

  • All ? hold different values. This value can appear as an explicit clue in the puzzle (a shown 2 clue doesn't refrain one of the ? to also be a 2).
  • Colors are associated with a unique number (different colors are different numbers). For each color, all arrows are stated and all clues are colored if they hold the same value as the color. If no color is stated on a clue, there cannot be a clue with the same value as any color.
  • Arrows point at a row or column. Its color represents the number of shaded cells in the pointed row/column (e.g. If green=6, then all rows/column with exactly 6 shaded squares will have a green arrow).

This puzzle is a proof of concept and can be perceived as either hard or trivial. Adepts of Tasukueas could take ~90 seconds to solve it, but the puzzle could be tough for unexperienced solvers. I'll put 2* as it's a new type of puzzle, but I am totally winging it for the difficulty. If there is any problem with the explanations of the ruleset, please let me know.

You can usePenpa-edit to solve it on your browser.

Lösungscode: Values of all ? clues in reading order (starting from the top row, left to right, and working downwards) followed by the content of column 5, then column 7 (top to bottom, "0" for a blank cell, "1" for a shaded cell; treat the clues as blank cells).

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am 20. Oktober 2020, 09:18 Uhr von CHalb
Thanks a lot for introducing Tasukuea to me! I like the basic type and your variant as well and think it has really potential.

But I have two remarks concerning the instruction:
I think the note about stranded squares should be placed under the additional rules because they can't appear in the standard type. The solution would not be unique since you could omit the square. Or cancel the note completely, please see my next point.

I love to work out basic things in a new puzzle type ON MY OWN. So in my opinion the calculation example about a 13 shall not be included in an instruction.

am 7. Mai 2020, 16:25 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
@Nothere that is true: (@Carrick22) in order to avoid this, when you share URL, make sure you share 'URL for solving' not 'URL for editing'.

am 6. Mai 2020, 23:43 Uhr von Carrick22
Clarifications on the variant's rules, and added a link to the puzzle on Penpa-edit.

am 6. Mai 2020, 21:12 Uhr von Zzzyxas
Ah, okay. Thanks!

am 6. Mai 2020, 21:10 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
@Zzzyxas: It is important that all outside clues (as well as inside clues) which are not coloured cannot be the same as any coloured clues.

am 6. Mai 2020, 19:08 Uhr von Carrick22
"Tasukuea" is the japanese for "find squares". I believe this puzzle was invented by Naoki Inaba, but I'm not sure.

Zuletzt geändert am 6. Mai 2020, 16:59 Uhr

am 6. Mai 2020, 16:57 Uhr von Realshaggy
I just tried it, Penpa gives very long links and this somehow seems to be restricted from our side, most likely for security reasons. You could try using something like https://tinyurl.com to shorten the link. Providing an interactive version is very nice of you, but not required at all. Our sudoku haters will love you anyway :-)

am 6. Mai 2020, 16:39 Uhr von Carrick22
Added clarifications on the solution code description.

am 6. Mai 2020, 16:24 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
I am aware of that, but outside of Japanese communities it is normally spelt 'tasquare' to be more understandable. It's just a suggestion, feel free to keep it as it is.

am 6. Mai 2020, 16:20 Uhr von Carrick22
"Tasukuea" is the japanese for "find squares". I believe this puzzle was invented by Naoki Inaba, but I'm not sure.

am 6. Mai 2020, 16:14 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
Great to see a new setter creating non-sudoku puzzles! The sudokus are very good but it would be even better if there was more variety!

I think the preferred spelling for this is tasquare. It makes sense, given the rules of the genre.

am 6. Mai 2020, 16:04 Uhr von Carrick22
Oops, made some typos in the ruleset. Should be good now.

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