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8x8 Irregular Killer Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 6. Mai 2020, 09:31 Uhr von Carrick22)

8x8 Irregular Killer Sudoku
  • This is a Sudoku puzzle combining irregular region formation, size variant and killer cages.

Apply classic Sudoku rules : Each row, column and bold-outlined region must contain the digits 1-8 once.
Furthermore, cages, formed by dashed lines in the puzzle, must contain digits that sum up to their value, indicated in their top-left corner. Digits may not repeat within a cage.

You can use Penpa-edit for solving it on your browser.

Lösungscode: Column 7, followed by column 8 (top to bottom).

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am 6. Mai 2020, 23:37 Uhr von Carrick22
Added a link to the puzzle on Penpa-edit

am 6. Mai 2020, 16:42 Uhr von trivial171
Great puzzle!

If you want to include a penpa-edit URL on this website, I think you first need to shorten it using a service using bit.ly.

am 6. Mai 2020, 15:34 Uhr von Carrick22
Added tags "Killer Sudoku" and "Jigsaw Sudoku"

am 6. Mai 2020, 14:36 Uhr von ch1983
Very nice, thank you!

am 6. Mai 2020, 10:00 Uhr von Realshaggy
Yeah, you did it! don't worry about the Penpa link, that is rather new and we are all used to print it on paper or usw Paint.

am 6. Mai 2020, 09:59 Uhr von Carrick22
I must say I do not have any clue as for what each difficulty means. Since I do not want to over-estimate my puzzles's difficulty, I put 1 star to wait and see the average given by solvers. I'll get used to it. Thanks for the feedback !

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