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Tunnelling Palindromic Snake, Anti-Knight Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 1. Mai 2020, 04:42 Uhr von Aang11597)

Forewarning: this is my first puzzle I've ever created. Hopefully I have done it right, but I'm also not the best at Sudoku so I can't say I can 100% verify there is only one unique answer. As such, I also cannot gauge the difficulty. My apologies in advance on these fronts.
  • Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  • Anti-knight: no two squares with the same value may be a knight's move apart (horse or knight from chess).
  • Tunnelling Palindromic Snake: A 'snake' (a path that is one-cell wide and does not touch itself orthogonally or diagonally) moves its way through the puzzle.
    • The shaded areas represent the head/tail of the snake.
    • The numbers in the cells that make up the snake will form a palindrome (the same numbers read both forwards and backwards) from head to tail.(see Figure 1).
    • The circles within the 9x9 represent a location the snake will either tunnel or emerge and will contain the same number as its counterpart(see Figure 1). Note:These duplicate numbers are only counted once for the palindrome.
    • The o's outside the puzzle depict how many single cell portions of the snake are visible in that row/column. As such, they also depict a column/row the snake cannot turn and must continue forward(see Figure 2).
    • The +'s outside the 9x9 show the only rows the snake can turn in(see Figure 2).
  • Lastly: no segment of the snake from head/tail to tunnel nor tunnel to tunnel may be fewer than 7 cells in length. (IE you cannot move 3 cells from the head into the tunnel).

Figure 1:

Note: The palindrome in this instance would be '54345' not '543345' because the 3 is counted only once. These two tunnel/emerge points are linked and contain the same number.

Figure 2:

Note: Column 4 and Row 3 lack an 'o' symbol because both contain a portion of the snake longer than one cell.

The Puzzle:

Lösungscode: Palindrome, row 4, column 8 -- Format: #####, #####, ##### Note: The tunnel/emerge point is a single number, do not enter it twice.

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am 19. Juli 2020, 21:53 Uhr von Aang11597
Hey thanks! The way I made it and solved it myself I was swapping back and forth kind of, but I'm not the best at solving Sudokus either haha

If I make another, I'll try to keep that in mind! :)

am 24. Mai 2020, 07:48 Uhr von Aang11597
Thanks! Just wish I could better gauge the difficulty of it. Still not sure how difficult it is in the end.

am 6. Mai 2020, 23:46 Uhr von bob
Interesting and original. Many things to think about simultaneously.

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am 1. Mai 2020, 20:36 Uhr von Dotty
Great combinated puzzle. And don't worry (related to your forewarning) there is only one unique answer.

am 1. Mai 2020, 04:47 Uhr von Aang11597
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