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Lösungscode: Solution code is the 5th row from the top.

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am 29. April 2020, 02:16 Uhr von sf2l
Nicely conceived and built. please remove the Uk flag from the icons. that should be used only for puzzles requiring knowledge of British culture (e.g. rules of cricket) not just use of english language in the rules

am 28. April 2020, 20:26 Uhr von skywalker
Beautiful and challenging! Excellent intro for you.

am 28. April 2020, 17:09 Uhr von Tom1i
I have made a new puzzle - trying to get the rules translated. Sorry for any inconvenience; new to the site.

am 28. April 2020, 13:51 Uhr von cdwg2000
Not sure about the specific rules of the topic, because I need to use translation software to know. Therefore, when making pictures, do not attach any rules to the pictures (because the pictures are too small), but rewrite the rules through the English (German) version. Please forgive me, thank you!

am 27. April 2020, 21:18 Uhr von marcmees
extremely nice. thanks

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