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Yajilin/Castle Wall

(Eingestellt am 12. April 2020, 21:08 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro)

This is a Yajilin/Castle Wall hybrid.

Blacken some cells, such that no two blackened cells touch each other orthogonally. Then draw a loop passing through all remaining cells. The loop may not pass through clue cells. The clues either represent the number of blackened cells in the given direction or the total length of segments in the given direction: i.e. they are either Yajilin or Castle Wall clues.

Clues may be valid as Yajilin and Castle Wall clues, i.e. they give both the number of blackened cells and the length of segments.

Lösungscode: Die Anzahl der Felder, in denen der Rundweg abknickt, zeilenweise von oben nach unten.

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am 21. Januar 2022, 17:24 Uhr von Vebby
Link to solve on Penpa+ with answer check (green lines + blackened cell shading): https://tinyurl.com/yckkh5k8

am 13. April 2020, 19:23 Uhr von Dandelo
And there are also neutral clues in some Castle Walls. Why not all?

Zuletzt geändert am 13. April 2020, 18:17 Uhr

am 13. April 2020, 18:13 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
@JonaS2010 I was not aware of this puzzle, thanks for sharing! I think I have seen this idea used elsewhere, although I cannot remember.

am 13. April 2020, 17:52 Uhr von JonaS2010
That was fun! I made a puzzle with the same rules a while ago: https://logic-masters.de/Raetselportal/Raetsel/zeigen.php?id=0002NX

Did you know about this or did you come up with it independently?

Also, @Feadoor: My Yajilin contest from last year has two hybrids which include the inside/outside clues.

am 13. April 2020, 09:40 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
Rule clarification

am 13. April 2020, 09:38 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
@jessica6 it is not a strict "either or": clues may give both the number of blackened cells and the length of segments.

am 13. April 2020, 07:53 Uhr von Puzzle_Maestro
@Feadoor you’re probably right, but I’m not sure how to rename it... although in a lot of castle wall puzzles, the inside/outside constraints are only used trivially.

am 13. April 2020, 00:06 Uhr von Feadoor
Calling this a Castle Wall hybrid feels funny to me, as I would say that the defining characteristic of a Castle Wall is the topological inside/outside the loop constraints. But maybe that's just me...

Zuletzt geändert am 12. April 2020, 23:44 Uhr

am 12. April 2020, 23:44 Uhr von jessica6
is this a strict "either or", that is, a clue which gives both the number of blackened cells AND length of segments in that direction is not allowed?

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