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10-in-9 Isolation Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 5. April 2020, 12:07 Uhr von Phistomefel)

This puzzle is a tribute to Nylimb. He wrote that he would enjoy solving a 10-in-9 puzzle that he did not create himself. Since I very much enjoy his 10-in-9 puzzles, I wanted to create one for him, but with a little twist.

Parts of the following desciption are copied from Nylimb.

This is a variant of a killer sudoku, in which some cells contain 2-digit numbers.

Fill the grid with 1-digit and 2-digit numbers, so that every row, column, and 3x3 box contains each of the 10 digits, from 0 to 9, exactly once: Eight cells contain 1-digit numbers, and the other cell contains a 2-digit number (from 10 to 98).

The areas surrounded by a dashed line are called cages. If a cage has a number in the top left corner, it is the sum of the numbers in this cage. If a 2-digit number appears in a cage without a number in the top left corner, its tens digit is greater than its ones digit. No digit can occur more than once in a cage, whether it's alone in a cell or part of a 2-digit number.

Additionally, all identical digits have to be isolated. This means that a digit within a cage may not appear in any adjacent cage. This applies to single digits as well as to those who are part of a 2-digit number. Cages are adjacent, if they share a common edge - touches via corners do not count.

Lösungscode: 5th and 8th row. Include both digits of 2-digit numbers.

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am 18. August 2020, 08:38 Uhr von ffricke
Beim ersten Versuch nur 3 Zahlen gefunden und weggelegt. Dann beim Weitermachen ging es sehr flüssig durch. Sehr schön !

am 6. April 2020, 09:08 Uhr von Nylimb
@Phistomefel: Thanks for the puzzle!

I should be careful what I wish for: This took me a few hours to solve, and I suspect that I missed some clever logic that would have reduced my solving time.

Zuletzt geändert am 5. April 2020, 22:47 Uhr

am 5. April 2020, 20:33 Uhr von marcmees
Nylimb is lucky to receive such a nice tribute puzzle.

am 5. April 2020, 19:29 Uhr von Phistomefel
Clarification of the isolation property

am 5. April 2020, 19:29 Uhr von Circleconstant314
@Phistomefel: So it's like your first isolation killer sudoku (ID: 00036E)! Now I understand, thank you!

am 5. April 2020, 19:26 Uhr von Phistomefel
@Circleconstant314: Thanks for pointing out this imprecision. What I meant was: if two cages share a common edge, they must not contain even one common digit.

am 5. April 2020, 19:21 Uhr von Circleconstant314
If a cage has more than two adjacent cages, can a digit appearing in the cage appear in more than one adjacent cage? Or is it such that the digit can still only appear in at most one adjacent cage?

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