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Odd Pentominos Sudoku I

(Eingestellt am 10. April 2020, 03:12 Uhr von Eggr)

Odd Pentominos Sudoku


Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Two of the 3x3 boxes have their odd digits marked in grey. In each remaining box the odd digits form the shape of a unique pentomino.

7 of the 8 possible pentominos shown below will be used in the grid, and the remaining unused pentomino contains the value of the 5-cell cage.

Clarifications / Errata:

Rotations and Reflections of the shown pentominos are allowed, but each labeled shape can only be used once.

The only pentomino value that matters is in the unused shape, the numbers in the used pentominos are unimportant.

Uses "Standard" Cages: Cages sum to the target value, and don't contain duplicates.

Since the I, L, N, and Y pentominos don't fit into 3x3 boxes, they each make a cameo appearance in the starting grid.

This puzzle is part of a series of several Odd Pentomino puzzles I'm creating, let me know in the comments if you would like to see harder or easier versions

EDIT: Apologies to anyone who saw the original upload, two of the givens were switched in row2 so it probably wasn't solvable.

Lösungscode: 3rd and 7th rows

Zuletzt geändert am 11. April 2020, 02:11 Uhr

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am 25. Mai 2021, 23:26 Uhr von BenceJoful
Very fun, thanks!
Solve online: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=yz7c453b

am 11. April 2020, 02:11 Uhr von Eggr
Thanks for the feedback. Removed the English Language tag.

am 10. April 2020, 23:21 Uhr von glum_hippo
Es grüsst ein Neuankömmling aus Illinois/USA beim Rätselportal! Sehr schönes und gedankenanregendes Puzzle.

am 10. April 2020, 22:37 Uhr von bob
Enjoyable novel puzzle. Difficulty is just right. I'll be honest--5 star puzzles and some 4 star puzzles go straight to my ignore list, too frustrating for me.

am 10. April 2020, 17:06 Uhr von Mody
nice sudoku with nice difficulty :)

Zuletzt geändert am 10. April 2020, 08:34 Uhr

am 10. April 2020, 08:33 Uhr von Ours brun
Nicely constructed! I have nothing against tougher puzzles usually, but we have seen a lot of hard sudoku variants being published lately; so personally I would be happy with a few easier ones (2/3 stars, around the difficulty of this first puzzle).

am 10. April 2020, 08:28 Uhr von Dandelo
Good puzzle, difficulty is ok for me.

The label "English" should be removed, it is intended for puzzles, which need language skills for solving. Here you need them just for understanding the rules.

am 10. April 2020, 08:19 Uhr von cdwg2000
Nice puzzles!

am 10. April 2020, 07:06 Uhr von Eggr
Corrected the givens in Row 2. Now solvable with [9,7,6]

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