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Fractional 10-in-9 killer sudoku

(Eingestellt am 2. April 2020, 00:11 Uhr von Nylimb)

This is a different sort of 10-in-9 puzzle, using fractions instead of 2-digit numbers.

Fill the grid with numbers so that every row, column, and 3x3 box contains each of the 10 digits, from 0 to 9, exactly once: Eight cells contain 1-digit numbers (from 0 to 9), and the other cell contains a fraction of the form A/B where A is a digit from 1 to 9 and B is a digit from 2 to 9. Each fraction must be in lowest terms; i.e. A and B have no common factor larger than 1. For example, 3/2 is permitted, but the equivalent fractions 6/4 and 9/6 are not.

In each cage indicated by the dotted lines, the number at the top left is the sum of the numbers in the cage. Also, no digit can occur more than once in a cage, whether it's alone in a cell or the numerator or denominator of a fraction. For example, a cage might contain 1/2, 3/5, and 4, and its sum would be 51/10. But all the sums in this puzzle are integers, and figuring out how that's possible is part of the puzzle.

The puzzle is available on Penpa. To enter a fraction, choose "Number" and "L" and type, for example, "1/2". It won't work if you use "Number" and "Normal".

Lösungscode: Column 2 and column 8. Include the "/" in each fraction.

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am 21. Oktober 2020, 20:47 Uhr von Nylimb
The 10-in-9 tag disappeared from several of my puzzles, so I'm adding it again.

am 13. Oktober 2020, 08:13 Uhr von Nylimb
Deleted comment about problem with typing fractions, because it got fixed after I asked about it on the CtC Discord server. Thanks, swaroopg92!

am 12. Oktober 2020, 17:44 Uhr von Nylimb
Improved formatting of killer clues in penpa-edit. Thanks to its creator, swaroopg92, for advice.

am 12. Oktober 2020, 17:26 Uhr von Nylimb
Clarified comment about typing fractions in penpa-edit.

am 12. Oktober 2020, 15:14 Uhr von Nylimb
Added penpa link.

am 12. Juni 2020, 13:25 Uhr von Realshaggy
@Nylimb that happens because in addition to the "picture" tags, the author might add any number of text-tags to his puzzle and they are added to the database. Unfortunately, that only works in a small community with a low number of puzzles.

am 12. Juni 2020, 13:16 Uhr von Nylimb
I'm trying to add all relevant tags to my puzzles. There are 4 tags for killer sudokus, so I've added all of them.

am 8. April 2020, 06:54 Uhr von Nylimb
Added 10-in-9 tag.

am 5. April 2020, 09:08 Uhr von Mody

It took me a long time to figure out the possible fractions, but it was worth it.
Even after that, the rest were still extremely tricky.
Wonderful puzzle :)

Zuletzt geändert am 5. April 2020, 01:01 Uhr

am 5. April 2020, 00:54 Uhr von Nylimb
In the puzzle description I've added an example of a cage with fractions.

am 5. April 2020, 00:51 Uhr von Nylimb
@Ragna: I've edited your most recent hidden comment to give the example that you requested earlier.

am 5. April 2020, 00:48 Uhr von Nylimb
@Realshaggy: Thanks for the information. I'll do that.

am 5. April 2020, 00:46 Uhr von Realshaggy
You can edit the comment with the question. Ragna can see his own hidden comment, even if he didn’t solve the puzzle yet. That’s how most people do it. Some people might not like the idea to unnecessarily edit other people’s comments or get their comments changed, but we were a rather small community for a long time, where most people know each other in person and didn’t care about such things. I think there is also an option in the user settings to get a mail if one of your comments is changed.

am 5. April 2020, 00:37 Uhr von Nylimb
Can someone with more experience on this site answer a question for me?: If I write a hidden comment that starts with "@Ragna", will Ragna be able to see the comment before solving the puzzle? If not, is there some other way that I can reply to Ragna's question privately?

am 5. April 2020, 00:33 Uhr von Nylimb
@Joe Average: Yes, the fractions are numbers that contribute to the sum of a cage. For example, if a cage contained 1/2, 3/5, and 4, its sum would be 51/10. But all the sums in this puzzle are integers, and figuring out how that's possible is part of the puzzle.

am 5. April 2020, 00:30 Uhr von Nylimb
@Ragna: Did you see the hidden comment that I wrote yesterday? It gives an example that answers your question.

If you can't see hidden comments, is there some other way I can contact you?

am 2. April 2020, 22:48 Uhr von Nylimb
@Ragna: What do you want an example of?

am 2. April 2020, 13:55 Uhr von Realshaggy
Thank you.

am 2. April 2020, 12:57 Uhr von Nylimb
Deleted spoiler alert, since I've hidden the comments that it referred to.

am 2. April 2020, 12:56 Uhr von Nylimb
@Realshaggy: Okay, I've hidden the comments, and I'll delete the spoiler alert.

Zuletzt geändert am 2. April 2020, 12:39 Uhr

am 2. April 2020, 12:38 Uhr von Realshaggy
I just don't understand why there is any need to discuss these things in public? The comments can also be seen in the "list of last comments", without your spoiler warning in the puzzle.

Zuletzt geändert am 2. April 2020, 12:21 Uhr

am 2. April 2020, 12:19 Uhr von Nylimb
@Realshaggy: Is the spoiler alert that I added good enough, or do you still think I should hide the comments?

am 2. April 2020, 12:16 Uhr von Nylimb
Added spoiler alert.

am 2. April 2020, 12:10 Uhr von Realshaggy
Please hide your comments. I want to find out the sums for myself and I think most other people too.

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