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(Eingestellt am 1. April 2020, 14:14 Uhr von JonaS2010)

There have been a lot of sudokus in the portal lately, and while that is great, many other beloved puzzle types are not so commonly seen anymore. To compensate, I present to you not one, not two, but fourteen standard puzzles all at once! They are written for this very special date and are quite hard, so they should keep you occupied for a long time ;) Happy solving!

1. Tapa

2. Nurikabe
3. Hitori
4. Heyawake
5. Akari:
6. Hashi
7. Minesweeper
8. Numberlink
9. Tents
10. Snake
11. Slitherlink
12. Fillomino:
13. Kakuro
14. Skyscrapers

Lösungscode: The Code consists of three sums. First, enter the sum of the number of shaded cells in puzzles 1-4. Then enter the sum of the number of bulbs, bridges, mines and horizontal path segments for puzzles 5-8. Finally, for puzzles 9-14, enter the sum of the number of tents in row 2, the number of cells unused by the snake, the number of cells outside the loop, the number of 1s in Fillomino and Kakuro, and the digit in R3C2 of the Skyscrapers.

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am 11. August 2020, 05:57 Uhr von glum_hippo
Hitori hat mir am meisten gefallen — wirklich raffiniert!

am 3. Juli 2020, 09:24 Uhr von Madmahogany
I like how you timed the publishing of this puzzle perfectly to 14:14

am 12. Mai 2020, 14:41 Uhr von puzzler05
Probably Easiest 5 star puzzle on Portal.Anyways,thanks for making it.I enjoyed solving it.

am 1. April 2020, 17:57 Uhr von Circleconstant314
Dank memes.

am 1. April 2020, 17:10 Uhr von ManuH

Zuletzt geändert am 1. April 2020, 15:09 Uhr

am 1. April 2020, 15:08 Uhr von zuzanina
Vielen Dank für diese abwechslungsreiche Rätselsammlung!

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