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Hang Ten (Killer Sudoku)

(Eingestellt am 29. Februar 2020, 06:58 Uhr von peterchayward)

Normal Sudoku rules apply. Additionally, there are ten red cages. (Including two connected cages on the left, in the center.) Each cage sums to a different number from 1 to 10. That is, one cage sums to 1, another cage sums to 2, another sums to 3, etc. Numbers do not repeat within a cage.

Visit my website for print-friendly and colorblind accessible versions of all my sudokus.

Lösungscode: All numbers in the second row.

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am 25. Mai 2020, 11:31 Uhr von peterchayward
Added link to colorblind/print-friendly version.

am 12. Mai 2020, 03:52 Uhr von Big Tiger
That was a fun challenge for an amateur brain - Thanks!

am 4. März 2020, 17:41 Uhr von zuzanina

Zuletzt geändert am 4. März 2020, 15:01 Uhr

am 4. März 2020, 15:01 Uhr von Statistica
Ist wahr... Bitteschön

am 4. März 2020, 14:26 Uhr von Realshaggy
Jörg, dann mach dasselbe doch bitte auch noch für das Feld mit dem Lösungscode. Danke. ;-)

am 4. März 2020, 14:09 Uhr von Statistica
> (The auto-fill-in when the english part is empty does only work in one dircection...)

That's what I've changed in the programming routine ;-)

Zuletzt geändert am 3. März 2020, 18:41 Uhr

am 3. März 2020, 18:40 Uhr von zuzanina
Thanks for your nice puzzles. Unfortunately, at the moment, the german sites are empty. Could you just copy the puzzles and the english instructions to the german sections, that would be great. (The auto-fill-in when the english part is empty does only work in one dircection...)
Due to many new puzzles by international authors, German users already got used to this, but I think it would be helpfull anyway...
Thanks again!

am 1. März 2020, 00:57 Uhr von Nylimb
I solved this recently when it was featured on Cracking the Cryptic; it's a very nice puzzle.

am 29. Februar 2020, 07:01 Uhr von peterchayward
Added image.

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