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Tarot Cards & Numbers, Ep.3

(Eingestellt am 8. Oktober 2019, 10:00 Uhr von gjchangmu)

Place all the available cards into different blank cells, and fill all remaining blank cells with numbers 1 to 5. Each row and column must not contain repeated numbers or cards, unless a card effect states otherwise. Each card has its own effect.

There may be cells that are already filled with given cards. These given cards are not included in the available cards list.

Card effects:
Death Card (D): This card must be placed in the rightmost column or the bottom row. There must not be more than one cards that share the minimum distance to this card, i.e. there must be only one card (instead of tied by multiple cards) that is closest to this card. Distance from cell X to cell Y is calculated as how many steps in minimum it takes to travel from X to Y, in which each step travels to a horizontal or vertical adjacent cell. For example, distance from r1c1 to r2c3 is 3.
Fool Card (F): The row this card is placed in must contain exactly two cells that have the same number or the same card. Other cells in this row than the mentioned two cells still must not have repeated numbers or cards and they must not have the same number or card as that in the mentioned two cells.
Hermit Card (H): The row this card is placed in must not contain number 1.
Power Card (P): Assuming the puzzle grid has N columns, then N-1, N-2 and N-3 are called power numbers. All power numbers in the row this card is placed in must be adjacent to each other, i.e. occupying a succession of uninterrupted cells. Order does not matter. Power numbers are allowed to be missing in this row.
Sun Card (S): The adjacent cells surrounding this card (including diagonal ones) must not contain repeated numbers or cards.

For clarification, here is an example:

Lösungscode: Row 3, followed by column 6. Use the initial capital letter of card names to represent cards.

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