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Sum 100 Sudoku: panda mascot

(Eingestellt am 24. September 2019, 10:00 Uhr von gjchangmu)

The mascot for Beijing 2022 Olympics is published, so I created this 9x9 pixel drawing of it. I hope you agree that this is a panda :P

Classic sudoku rules apply. In each row, the sum of all the numbers in the grey cells is exactly 100. Two adjacent grey cells in a row forms a 2-digit number. As an example, the numbers in the grey cells in the 6th row could be 24, 1 and 75.

I borrowed this variant idea from Sudoku Variants Series (019) by Richard.

Lösungscode: Row 6, followed by column 6.

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am 25. September 2019, 12:06 Uhr von AnnaTh
It's a squirrel caught by surprise :-)

am 25. September 2019, 08:26 Uhr von Statistica
It says: "Tasty Panda..."

am 24. September 2019, 19:35 Uhr von Dandelo
But what the fox say?

am 24. September 2019, 15:16 Uhr von Statistica
For me, it's a fox :-)

am 24. September 2019, 13:25 Uhr von Realshaggy
I see an owl :-)

am 24. September 2019, 12:37 Uhr von gjchangmu

am 24. September 2019, 11:45 Uhr von Dandelo
Nice puzzle, but to be honest: it could be any animal. :)

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