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Japanese sums

(Eingestellt am 18. April 2019, 08:34 Uhr von zorant)

Blacken some of the fields in the diagram and put digits from 1 to 7 into the other fields, so that no number appears more than once in every row or column. The numbers at the borders give the sum of consecutive digits (without black fields in between) in the correct order. Single digits are also given. In some columns the hints are completely missing. In all other rows and columns they are completely given.

Lösungscode: column 2 and column 3. Use S for black field.

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am 22. August 2019, 13:45 Uhr von Saskia
Ein Genuss :-)

am 21. April 2019, 10:07 Uhr von skywalker
Palindrome (almost). Very nice!

am 18. April 2019, 15:18 Uhr von ibag
Very nice!

am 18. April 2019, 11:42 Uhr von zorant
Thank you :-)

am 18. April 2019, 11:03 Uhr von Statistica
An optical beauty. THX.

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Japanische Summen

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