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Loop with outside hints

(Eingestellt am 24. April 2019, 08:04 Uhr von zorant)

In a given grid through all the white boxes draw a closed continuous line which connects the middle of the field without crossing the intersection. The numbers bottom and to the right of the grid represents the total number of black cells in the corresponding row or column. The numbers above and to the left of the grid show the number of white cells between the two black blocks in the right order. This hints are either complete or completely missing. Not all the hints given. The hint zero means that there is no white cells between blocks of black cells in that row/column (i.e. in such row/column can be 1,2, or more connected black cells.)

Lösungscode: Numbers of bends loop in each row from top to bottom.

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am 12. Juni 2019, 18:06 Uhr von zuzanina
Oh, wenn man "in the right order" nicht überliest, wird es gleich viel leichter... @-)
Hab es erst kurz vor Ende gemerkt, als es nicht eindeutig werden wollte...
Sehr schönes Rätsel!!

am 25. April 2019, 08:10 Uhr von jessica6
It is confusing to have two puzzles with the same title from the same author just a few days apart.

am 24. April 2019, 10:03 Uhr von ibag
Very nice!

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