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Loop with outside hints

(Eingestellt am 22. April 2019, 10:02 Uhr von zorant)

In a given grid through all the white boxes draw a closed continuous line which connects the middle of the field without crossing the intersection. The numbers bottom and to the right of the grid represents the total number of black cells in the corresponding row or column. The numbers above and to the left of the grid show the number of white cells between two black blocks in the right order. This hints are either complete or completely missing. Not all the hints given. The hint zero means that there is no white cells between blocks of black cells in that row/column (i.e. in such row/column can be 1,2, or more connected black cells.)

Lösungscode: Numbers of bends loop in each row from top to bottom.

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am 8. Mai 2019, 17:36 Uhr von flaemmchen
@sandmoppe: Vielen Dank für den Hinweis :-)

am 25. April 2019, 13:02 Uhr von zorant
This puzzle is not new on the portal. This is already the seventh such puzzle. Rules are already known. My knowledge of English is bad, and German language is even worse. It's a lot harder for me to publish a puzzle with a German text, and when I put it in a gugl translate, I get a completely wrong translation, because the sentence design was made in German. Then for a day or two I prove that it is impossible to solve the puzzle or I can not start solving it. Then I'm looking for help from my friends, even reading in German, and word by word I translate to find out the rules.
But this is the portal. You do not have to be annoyed about it.

am 25. April 2019, 12:40 Uhr von zorant
I deleted "the"

am 25. April 2019, 01:53 Uhr von bob
I was confused by the same things Rollo was. Once I understood the puzzle is a "simple loop" rather than a snake- or doppelblock-type puzzle I had fun with it. I look forward to the harder ones.

am 24. April 2019, 23:58 Uhr von Rollo
@zorant: please change 'between the two black blocks' into 'between two black blocks' in your Loop puzzles. It was very irritating to me, because there can be more than two black blocks.

am 23. April 2019, 17:10 Uhr von Rollo

Zuletzt geändert am 23. April 2019, 16:43 Uhr

am 23. April 2019, 16:43 Uhr von r45
@rollo: Die oben und links angegebenen Weißfelder liegen zwingend zwischen Schwarzfeldern. Weiße (Rundweg-)Felder die an den Gitterrand grenzen, werden über die Hinweise oben und links nicht erfasst.

am 23. April 2019, 15:47 Uhr von Rollo
In column 5 are 6 white and 3 black cells. What colour is the 10th cell?

am 23. April 2019, 08:49 Uhr von zorant
I change bands in bends

am 23. April 2019, 06:48 Uhr von jessica6
@sandmoppe aha! bends, not bands

am 22. April 2019, 23:05 Uhr von jirk
@bob inside (but not of!) the white cells, similar to a Yajilin.

am 22. April 2019, 21:52 Uhr von bob
I am confused by the rules. Is the loop constructed of white cells? Or black cells? Can the loop touch itself? Is there an example somewhere?

am 22. April 2019, 11:27 Uhr von dm_litv

am 22. April 2019, 11:17 Uhr von sandmoppe
Ich hatte Probleme, den Lösungscode zu verstehen. Für diejenigen, denen es auch so geht: Gemeint ist die Anzahl der Knicke des Rundwegs für jede Zeile.

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