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Killer Skyscrapers

(Eingestellt am 17. April 2019, 10:42 Uhr von zorant)

Place the digits from 1 to 6 inside the boldly outlined area in every row and column. Each digit represents a skyscraper with a hight that corresponds with the digit. Digits outside the outlined area represent the number of skyscrapers that is visible from that vintage point. Higher skyscrapers hide lower skyscrapers. The small numbers in the upper left corner of the dotted outlined areas are the sum of the digits inside that areas. Within areas, digits may not repeat.

Lösungscode: Row 4, column 5

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am 3. Februar 2020, 14:29 Uhr von Nylimb
Nice puzzle!

am 13. Juli 2019, 17:23 Uhr von CHalb
That was fun! Very nice construction and to me a surprising solving path.

am 20. April 2019, 15:25 Uhr von AnnaTh
This as very cool! Thank you.

am 19. April 2019, 06:17 Uhr von Rollo

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