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After Luigi...

(Eingestellt am 13. August 2018, 17:28 Uhr von DarkBeamIta)

I was inspired by a puzzle by Luigi ^___^

Arrange, without rotating them, four 3x3 squares to form a 6x6 square (two of them are false clues).

If you do this correctly, you will be able to divide the square in seven pentomino shaped zones with different names,each one must contain four different AND differently colored shapes plus one white cell; when it's done correctly, one extra white cell (that does not touch the border) will remain unassigned.

Lösungscode: Pentominos' names in alphabetical order, followed by position of unassigned cell (row, then column N°). Example; FINPVWY42

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am 15. August 2018, 04:38 Uhr von sf2l
That's better!

am 14. August 2018, 12:58 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
LOL ... OpenOffice hates those big shapes I went crazy too fitting them one by one... probably that caused the color errors ;P

am 14. August 2018, 12:40 Uhr von Luigi
Das hat mich zwar viele Nerven gekostet, hat aber viel Spaß gemacht! Selbst mit Luigieffekt! ;-))

am 14. August 2018, 11:59 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
It's my stupidity. Now it's corrected. :'(

Zuletzt geändert am 14. August 2018, 11:47 Uhr

am 14. August 2018, 11:17 Uhr von sf2l
Sure there isn't a Luigieffekt? Tried it but believe there is somethng wrong

am 14. August 2018, 08:28 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
Apparently everybody at the beach, the puzzle is too hard or I did a mistake?

am 14. August 2018, 08:14 Uhr von Luigi

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