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Megamix Sudoku II

(Eingestellt am 12. Juli 2018, 18:25 Uhr von DarkBeamIta)

Hello. This sudoku variant has zones of different shapes, separated by thicker borders (that can be red or black, for ... reasons).

Fill it with numbers in range 1 to 10, following all the given instructions.

If you like Sudoku variants, you will love this!


Cells inside red dashed rectangles have Calcudoku/KenKen clues.

Green cells in row J form a four digits number. Multiply it by 6; the result is given in the GREY cells in column 1, and the numbers have three digits in common. (Read the digits in the "normal" order).

FYI: yellow, red and blue zones may overlap in some areas, they have a different "mixed" color (like red + blue = violet). Green and grey cells don't belong to these zones though!

Yellow cells form a "PYRAMID"; the value of a cell is either the sum or the difference of the two cells under it (except the base of the pyramid itself). Difference in absolute value. Some numbers repeat inside the pyramid.

Due to the symmetry of the rule, you can consider C2 or G6 as the vertex point of the pyramid - as you prefer... If you take G6, in the rule change "under" with "on the left". (Similarly, you can take the cell G2 as the vertex, changing the rules accordingly).

Red cells form a "SUDOKU DIAGONAL"; all different symbols, 1 to 9.

Blue cells form an "IDENTICAL PENTOMINO"; it's repeated identical in the two occurrencies.

Rectangle A6 to FK: KROPKI sudoku, all marks including the external RED border given. Black mark = numbers are double, White mark = consecutive.

Rectangle A1 to D5: SKYSCRAPERS, black walls are transparent but you cannot see through the red walls.

Clues are referred to both sides of the enclosing rectangle, see the text.

Some cells can have arrows; "SEARCH TO 10" tips, you will find a 10 at a distance equal to the number written in that cell.

Lösungscode: Column 5 followed by row A

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Heute, 13:52 Uhr von flaemmchen
I like these Megamix Sudokus very much :-))

am 13. Juli 2018, 23:12 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
@Annath yes

Zuletzt geändert am 14. Juli 2018, 09:47 Uhr

am 13. Juli 2018, 19:55 Uhr von AnnaTh
(...) . Is this correct?

Zuletzt geändert am 13. Juli 2018, 11:39 Uhr

am 13. Juli 2018, 11:24 Uhr von sf2l
beautiful example with a couple of traps in which I have fallen with all my shoes!!!

am 13. Juli 2018, 11:05 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
Pyramid rules a little clarified :)

am 13. Juli 2018, 10:58 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
Removed circled cells rule (unnecessary)

Zuletzt geändert am 13. Juli 2018, 09:46 Uhr

am 13. Juli 2018, 09:43 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
@sf2l please sorry! I am going to remove the anti knight rule altogether now ...
@Luigi hi! The pyramid rule is symmetrical, so you can take any of the three terminal points as the apex :)

am 13. Juli 2018, 06:36 Uhr von Luigi
Just to clarify the rules for yellow: The pyramid is laying on the side. Top of the pyramid is the field G2?

am 13. Juli 2018, 05:40 Uhr von sf2l
Please clarify the last sentence. There CAN or CAN'T be identical digits a knight's move apart in circled cells? And there CAN or CAN'T be identical digits in one circled cell and in another uncircled cell a knight's move apart?

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