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Megamix Sudoku

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Hello. This sudoku variant has zones of different shapes, separated by thicker borders (that can be red or black, for ... reasons).

Fill it with numbers in range 1 to 10, following all the given instructions.

If you like Sudoku variants, you will love this!


Cells inside red dashed rectangles have a CONSTANT SUM, that you must guess. No sequence in a rectangle is identical to another one!

Blue cells form a PALYNDROME sequence.

Rectangle A1 to D5: KROPKI sudoku, all marks including the external RED border given. Black mark = numbers are double, White mark = consecutive.

Rectangle E1 to J5: ODD/EVEN sudoku. Cells are either green or grey; same color = same parity.

Rectangle G6 to JK: SKYSCRAPERS, black walls are transparent but you cannot see through the red walls.

Clues are referred to both sides of the enclosing rectangle, see the text.

Some cells can have arrows; "SEARCH TO 10" tips, you will find a 10 at a distance equal to the number written in that cell.

Remaining cells can have "GREATER/LESSER" markings.

Lösungscode: row H, column K

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am 7. Juli 2018, 15:46 Uhr von AnnaTh
This was fun! I enjoyed it very much!

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am 1. Juli 2018, 17:23 Uhr von Statistica
Nice. Reminds me of bernis Weihnachtsrätsel: https://www.croco-puzzle.com/Sonstiges/Weihnachten2012/index.php

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