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Big Shikaku

(Eingestellt am 26. Juni 2018, 18:42 Uhr von DarkBeamIta)

Big Shikaku puzzle, a little hard but there are starters somewhere ;P

Lösungscode: Total area of the rectangles that touch the rectangles / squares marked in green, order TOP to BOTTOM, ignore diagonal touch. Separator X

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am 30. Juni 2018, 11:06 Uhr von marsigel
@ibag: Thanks!

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am 29. Juni 2018, 14:08 Uhr von Statistica
nice, but (too) complicated code...

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am 29. Juni 2018, 11:47 Uhr von ibag
@marsigel: You have to sum up the sizes of all rectangles which have a horizontal or vertical boundery with the rectangle including the green 12. Then X, then the same procedure for 16, then X, then the same procedure for 3.

I really don't know why X has to be used here ...

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am 29. Juni 2018, 10:57 Uhr von marsigel
I, too, have some difficulty with the solution code. I tried several combinations with sums and areas, but nothing fits.
Have I to sum up all rectangles/squares that touch the green 12-rectangle in whole or have I to sum up only around the green 12? And the same procedure for the green 16 and 3.
Or what is the correct counting?
Sorry, but it's annoying to sit hours for guessing the solution code.

am 28. Juni 2018, 01:44 Uhr von bob
I double checked my addition with a calculator, and learned I had added wrong repeatedly. I probably have no business attempting puzzles...

am 28. Juni 2018, 00:17 Uhr von jessica6
@bob, not the number of rectangles touching each rectangle containing a green square is needed, but the sum of the areas of those rectangles.

am 27. Juni 2018, 22:47 Uhr von bob
I guess I still don't understand the solution code. It is harder than the shikaku. I've tried counting rectangles around the green squares, and rectangles around the rectangles CONTAINING the green squares.

am 27. Juni 2018, 09:26 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
SORRY! Now the solution code is correct!

am 26. Juni 2018, 20:57 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
The solution is surely unique. I might have mistaken the code (write a hidden msg)

am 26. Juni 2018, 20:23 Uhr von Matt
Shikaku seems easy, but I'm not sure if it has more solutions or if I don't understand the solution code

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