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Double outside loop

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In a given grid through all the white cells draw a closed continuous line which connects the middle of the cell without crossing. The red numbers above and to the left of the red line represents the total number of black cells in the corresponding row or column. The numbers above and to the left of the grid show the number of white cell between the two black boxes in the right order. Not all the hints given. completed the rules: - black hints indicate the number of white cells between two blocks of black cells (in the correct order) - black hints are either complete or completely missing - NOTE: Both grid are connected. The same cell can not be black in the both grid. -

Lösungscode: Enter the number vertically lines between two neighbors rows, from top to bottom. The first for above grid then the second grid

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am 13. September 2018, 21:38 Uhr von Danielle
Hat uns gut gefallen. bismarck&Danielle

am 3. Februar 2018, 13:48 Uhr von Mody
Great construction, I had a lot of fun during solving :)

am 31. August 2017, 15:44 Uhr von ffricke
Für mich sind diese verzahnten Rätsel einfach klasse. Echt empfehlenswert.

am 25. August 2017, 23:49 Uhr von ibag

am 25. August 2017, 23:04 Uhr von adam001
Very nice

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