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Sudoku Variants Series (176) - Boxed Snake Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 11. April 2017, 00:00 Uhr von Richard)

Ich werde jede Woche am Dienstag eine andere Sudokuvariante veröffentlichen, und ich will schauen, wie lange es dauert bis mir die Ideen ausgehen.

Boxed Snake Sudoku
Schreibe die Ziffern von 1 bis 9 in jede Zeile, jede Spalte und jeden 3x3-Block. Im Diagramm ist eine Schlange versteckt, mit Kopf und Schwanz in den grauen Zellen. Die Schlange darf sich nicht selbst berühren, auch nicht diagonal. Die Schlange geht durch genau vier horizontal und/oder vertikal benachbarte Felder jedes der neun 3x3-Gebiete. Die Ziffern der Schlangenfelder in jedem der 3x3-Gebiete wachsen in Richtung vom Kopf zum Schwanz an.

Dieses Rätsel ist inspiriert von Sudoku Cup 5.

Lösungscode: Zeile 5, gefolgt von Spalte 7.

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am 21. April 2017, 14:21 Uhr von Fred76
I'm sorry, I was very stupid to comment this way on this puzzle.
Of course, everything that matters here is to share good puzzles, and this one is very good.
Your work is admirable.
I look forward to meet you in the next DSM.

am 20. April 2017, 13:55 Uhr von Richard
It is not my goal to make the list of variants as long as possible just for making it as long as possible. Variants have to make sense.
I realise there is a scale with the classic sudoku on the left and cross-overs with totally different puzzle types on the right. My personal taste is that I don’t go too much to the right, since I think it is important that no thorough knowledge of another puzzle type is necessary to solve a sudoku. On the other hand: All variants have an intrinsic logic that adds to the puzzle fun; it gives the solver an intellectual challenge to find the intrinsic logic, realise the implications of that logic and arrange the digits from 1 to n in such a way that the grid can still be filled according to the normal sudoku rules.
In case of the boxed snake sudoku I can easily rewrite the rules in such a way that the snake-part is completely gone. While creating this puzzle, I thought more about thermometers of size 4 in each box in such a way that all thermometers form a chain in which the end of thermometer 1 is touching the bulb of thermometer 2 and so on. At least, no excessive snake-knowledge is necessary to solve this one.
What a sudoku is, is real arbitrary, and I don’t think it will be easy to make a proper definition.
Meanwhile, in SVS I am exploring all kinds of variants, while I am avoiding to drift to the right of the scale too much.
When creating sudokus for tournaments or a competition I tend to stay even more to the left of the scale.

am 15. April 2017, 09:47 Uhr von Fred76
@Richard: Sure, nothing wrong with that puzzle. My comment was not a critic.
I would just have been curious to see how many different variants you were able to create without entering in the field of hybridation.
With hybridation you have so many possibilities that I think you'll not have problem to get to 300-400 variants ;).

am 14. April 2017, 11:52 Uhr von Richard
@Fred: Sure, why not? There have been already a few 'cross-over-puzzles' before in SVS too.
In this case the snake adds to the sudoku, and vice versa. I like the concept a lot, and looking to the rating, most players agree with me.

am 13. April 2017, 15:36 Uhr von Fred76
You're already doing hybridation with non-sudoku puzzles before reaching 200 variants? :(

am 12. April 2017, 07:54 Uhr von ibag
Das hat mir besonders gut gefallen, schöne Konstruktion!

am 11. April 2017, 16:43 Uhr von r45
@flaemmchen: In "lockerer" Folge.

am 11. April 2017, 16:14 Uhr von flaemmchen
"Wachsen" die Schlangenfelder mit direkt aufeinander folgenden Ziffern oder in "lockerer" Folge?

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