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Leftovers IV

(Eingestellt am 12. August 2015, 14:00 Uhr von RobertBe)

I had made some puzzles for a contest; I don't think I will ever finish it, so I will publish them here.

Tents Sudoku

Put numbers 1-6 in each row, column and region. Remaining cells are to be filled so that they form the solution to a standard Tents puzzle: Each tent forms a pair with a tree to which it is orthogonally adjacent (they do not have to be in the same region). Tents are not allowed to touch, not even diagonally. Numbers outside the diagram indicate the number of tents in the corresponding row or column. Tents are allowed to touch trees with which they do not form a pair. Each region contains 1 tree and 1 tent.

Lösungscode: Row 8, followed by column 4. Z for Tent, B for Tree.

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am 23. Juli 2016, 14:20 Uhr von Saskia

am 14. August 2015, 07:19 Uhr von AnnaTh
My favourite! Thanks for the nice series

am 13. August 2015, 08:03 Uhr von ibag
Die werden ja immer besser!

am 12. August 2015, 21:22 Uhr von skypper
hat mir gut gefallen

am 12. August 2015, 20:51 Uhr von marcmees
wonderfull. Thx

am 12. August 2015, 19:51 Uhr von Alex

am 12. August 2015, 17:23 Uhr von RobertBe
Row 8 (not 9) in solution code

am 12. August 2015, 17:21 Uhr von RobertBe
forgotten to mention additional constraint, thanks Zzzyxas for noticing!

am 12. August 2015, 17:07 Uhr von Zzzyxas
Im Lösungscode muß es Zeile 8 statt Zeile 9 heißen.

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