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Big bang theory - 3rd stage

(Eingestellt am 2. September 2011, 18:00 Uhr von Fred76)

The universe is expanding. Sudokus are a part of the universe and therefore do not escape to this trend.

Irregular scattered sudokurve

Each row and region must contain the digits from 1 to 9. Unlike a standard sudoku, the rows here sometimes bend along the indicated curves. Each row contains exactly 9 cells. Moreover, the nine shaded cells must also contain each of the digits from 1 to 9.

This sudoku is a part of a set of four grids. You can find others grids here:
Big bang theory - 1rst stage
Big bang theory - 2nd stage
Big bang theory - final stage

Lösungscode: Bent row passing through the central cell, followed by bent column passing through the central cell.

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Zuletzt geändert am 5. September 2011, 15:00 Uhr

am 5. September 2011, 14:55 Uhr von Fred76
This problem doesn't appear in stage 2, it's clearer for the second puzzle of this series, fortunately ;)

am 5. September 2011, 14:39 Uhr von Luigi
Oh Yes, I do not know why I did not realize it this time, although having solved the second stage before. Thank you for this series in advance!

am 5. September 2011, 14:23 Uhr von Fred76
I'm sorry if the rule is not clear.
The fact is: rows and columns don't cross the empty spaces. They cross only if there is a grey line (bent or not) connecting cells. If you look at the 4 first rows in the left of the puzzle, you see that only rows 3 and 4 are connected to rows 3 and 4 of the right part of the puzzle. rows 1 and 2 are connected with lower rows on the left. The same for columns 1 and 2.

When designing the puzzle, I thought there might be confusion but I don't find a good way to show that rows and columns who are not connected can contain repeated digits.

Hope it is clearer, now.


Zuletzt geändert am 5. September 2011, 14:16 Uhr

am 5. September 2011, 14:11 Uhr von Luigi
Sorry, ich verstehe die Anweisung anscheinend nicht.

Mich irritieren die beiden 1en in der zweiten Zeile/1. Spalte. Anscheinend wird hier nach einer bestimmten Regel an bestimmten Orten abgebogen.

Könnte mir jemand bei diesem Rätsel auf die Sprünge helfen?

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