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Some of the cells of the given n x n square grids are painted with one of red, blue or grey colour and some others remain unpainted (white). Discover the logic for painting job and paint necessary cells in the 9 x 9 empty grid.

**** Hint: Notice that there exists no grey cells for 5 x 5 grid. Grey cells can not appear for any n x n grid where n < 6. This information may help you for solving. ****

Lösungscode: First give the total number of grey cells, then give the coordinates of blue and red painted cells (use B for blue and R for red) from top to bottom left to right. While determining the coordinate of a coloured cell first use row number and then the column number. For 6 x 6 grid the answer would be as follows: 10R22B23R36R41B42R46R51

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am 19. Juni 2010, 10:47 Uhr von Rollo
Sehr schön! Schon wieder anfangs viel zu kompliziert gedacht.

am 14. Juni 2010, 10:45 Uhr von rimodech
veeery nice... i love this one! :)

am 8. Februar 2010, 22:28 Uhr von ibag
Nice one! ;-)

am 7. Februar 2010, 16:43 Uhr von zhergan
Hi to all,

Here is another hint. The title of the puzzle can also be given as "SQUARED Puzzle";) I hope this also helps...

am 7. Februar 2010, 11:09 Uhr von zhergan
@Alex: Yes, you're right. Keep going...

am 7. Februar 2010, 04:00 Uhr von zhergan
@Javier Rebottaro: You're right! Nice observation:) That can be thought as another hint for the solution...

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