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Think Outside The Box (Lockout Lines)

(Eingestellt am 21. August 2021, 05:39 Uhr von tallcat)

The third puzzle from myself and riffclown to introduce Lockout lines - anti-between lines with a strong dash of Whisper logic. This puzzle is a step up from the prior two training puzzles. We strongly recommend that you do both of these training puzzles if you have not done so already.

Puzzle 1 ("Locked Out") can be found here

Puzzle 2 ("The Long Lockout") can be found here

Normal Sudoku Rules apply.

Lockout Lines: Endpoints (Diamonds) must differ by at least 4. Digits on the line must be different than endpoint values and must not fall between them. Digits can repeat if allowed by other rules. Each Lockout segment is treated as an independent Lockout Line.

Can be solved online at f-puzzles or CTC

Lösungscode: Column 8 (top to bottom) and row 2 (left to right). 18 digits, no spaces.

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Zuletzt geändert am 26. Oktober 2021, 19:53 Uhr

am 26. Oktober 2021, 19:50 Uhr von Richard
Very nice concept!
And a very clever break in!

am 4. September 2021, 22:49 Uhr von uvo_mod
Labels ergänzt.

am 1. September 2021, 20:57 Uhr von Raumplaner
Concept proven :)

am 30. August 2021, 04:29 Uhr von Eclectic_Hoosier
Beautiful puzzle!
Took a while to get used to the new ruleset, but after clearing that hurdle, it flowed nicely.
Well done!

am 27. August 2021, 15:34 Uhr von koba1917
super great ruleset! Took a bit to get the hang of it, but really fun!

am 26. August 2021, 12:28 Uhr von Playmaker6174
I actually struggled a lot at the start since I couldn't work out the nicest way to start and it took fairly long time too, but eventually I figured out the crucial point and went through the puzzle smoothly. Lovely puzzle with the lockout constraint :)

am 26. August 2021, 05:59 Uhr von cdwg2000
Very nice!

am 24. August 2021, 02:21 Uhr von taylorsc
Beautiful puzzle! I think this is the best of the lockout lines so far and after doing this puzzle I've fallen in love with this ruleset. I'm really excited to try more of these. Thanks for posting these and providing the gentle introductory puzzles! They really helped me get my head around the logic.

am 23. August 2021, 21:24 Uhr von grkles
YASSSSSS i love this ruleset

am 22. August 2021, 00:51 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Excellent implementation of this interesting ruleset, thanks! :-)

am 21. August 2021, 21:54 Uhr von riffclown
This puzzle is a strong hint for what is to follow.

am 21. August 2021, 16:25 Uhr von purpl
Love the simplicity yet elegance of the ruleset and this puzzle.

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