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Diplomatic Immunity

(Published on 10. October 2021, 05:12 by Gankra)

(They can't validate the dots or regions, sorry!)


Normal sudoku rules apply.

The grid must be divided (coloured) into orthogonally connected regions. Every region must contain exactly one large circle, and must contain the number of cells specified by that circle (e.g. the given 2 in the top-left says that its region must contain only one other cell). Digits may not repeat within a region. Every cell must be in a region.

White dots are either "citizens" or "diplomats". A dot is a diplomat if the two cells it separates are in different regions. (Otherwise it's a citizen.)

  • Citizens obey the law: Cells separated by a citizen must have consecutive values. (It's the law!)
  • Diplomats break the law: Cells separated by a diplomat must never have consecutive values. (What's the point of having diplomatic immunity if you're not going to break the local laws?)
  • Diplomats make peace between regions: Regions separated by a diplomat must sum to consecutive values (e.g. 5+3+2=10 and 1+2+3+5=11). (If the regions were perfectly balanced, the diplomats would be out of a job!)

Not all possible white dots are given. (Things may be incidentally adjacent if there's no dot.)


If you would like to get more comfortable with the colouring and diplomat rules, here is a small example puzzle where the digits are given, and only colouring remains:

Additional Notes:

This is intended to be an intro puzzle to the concept of "diplomats" so players can get comfortable with them (since it's a new ruleset and a bit complicated!).

Many given digits are provided to lower the difficulty and provide lots of simple wins. The puzzle is a bit inelegant in its opening as a result, but I think it accomplishes its goal in lowering the barrier to entry and helping the player get comfortable at the start.

Future puzzles will be more refined and difficult.

Solution code: The values of column 9 from top to bottom

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on 7. January 2022, 06:53 by KyleBaran
Liked the puzzle overall and hope you do future ones. The coloring may or may not be important - I saw this as consecutive regions (with the additional stipulation of finding the regions).
You might eg extend this ruleset to cages and use black or white kropki om entire regions.
I couldnt quite resolve an 89 deadly pattern near the end. I also couldnt color the top right. I was missing some key insight. I liked how the center 9 was resolved. Fun stuff

on 13. October 2021, 04:44 by DanMeehan
This reminds me of Zetamath's Kropkiominoes. Now I gotta go try the next one!

on 10. October 2021, 18:58 by Gankra
* Typo fixes
* Updated all f-puzzle links to have better rules text (the text already used here).
* Added links to play on the ctc app.

on 10. October 2021, 13:21 by RockyRoer
Always love when a deadly pattern ends up resolved by a novel ruleset. Fun puzzle. Thanks!

on 10. October 2021, 13:07 by hamslice
I would love to see future puzzles of this :) very nice!

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