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12x12 Classic Star Battle

(Published on 28. August 2020, 17:45 by Phistomefel)

This puzzle is a classic Star Battle.

Stars must be placed in the grid so that there are exactly two stars in each row, column and area. Stars must not be adjacent orthogonally or diagonally.

Now for the puzzle. It is available online via Penpa. Have fun solving!

The entry is by far not as difficult as I thought. Many thanks for the explanations of the different ways to get started with the puzzle. If you are interested in the intended way into the puzzle, here is a link to the corresponding forum post.

Solution code: For each row from top to bottom the number of cells between the two stars (the cells of the stars are not counted).

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Solved by pirx, bernhard, Realshaggy, apiad, CHalb, Dandelo, Queteimp, Jesper, stefliew, Zzzyxas, Uhu, Basestfan, cdwg2000, dm_litv, nicole1303, JonaS2010, athin, moss, JGLP, r45, SquaringSquirrel, adam001, ... zhergan, _chucklehead, Alex, cornuto, ibag, jw119, badelatschen, yung, dandbdi, hurrdurr, Raistlen, BenceJoful, marcmees, Thomster, SudokuExplorer, Madmahogany, cbreckon, xhl, Gliperal, CJK, sf2l
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on 9. December 2020, 18:02 by SudokuExplorer
Great puzzle! The logic was spectacular as usual :-)

on 4. September 2020, 11:50 by pirx
Who likes to twist his brain:
Give "0001JV" a try.

on 4. September 2020, 00:00 by DiMono
@Hal_Incadenza It took me a minute to notice it, but there are actually two ways in that both allow serious progress very quickly. It's one of those things that will just sort of dawn on you, and then everything will work out. Keep at it!

@Phistomefel Thanks for the fun puzzle!

on 3. September 2020, 18:13 by Dandelo
@hal: Maybe you shouldn't start with hard star battles in the portal. It's a pity, that Croco-Puzzle doesn't exist anymore, but e.g. at janko.at you find many of them, sorted from easy to hard. Or at puzz.link in their database.

on 2. September 2020, 01:28 by Hal_Incadenza
Thanks again Dandelo!

on 1. September 2020, 10:41 by Dandelo
And if you have found the beginner series, you'll see a tag with a capital A (Anfänger= beginner). It leads to several beginner puzzles with tutorials for some common puzzle types.
Or use the extended search function.

on 1. September 2020, 10:21 by Hal_Incadenza
Thanks @Dandelo!
@Puzzle_Maestro, I saw the tutorial but I must still be missing some of the fundemantals. I’ll check berni’s series as suggested by Dandelo. Thanks as well!

on 1. September 2020, 09:15 by Puzzle_Maestro
I think Phistomefel has also posted a tutorial for this puzzle in the forum.

Last changed on 1. September 2020, 03:37

on 1. September 2020, 03:32 by Dandelo
@hal: If you click on the star battle tag, you'll see all star battles here. Then go to the last page. There's a series by Berni of 6 puzzles with tips for beginners. It is in German, but I suppose Google translator will help.

There is a certain trick, which is not obvious at all, but you must know in star battle, tents and similar puzzles. You'll find it in Berni's series.

on 1. September 2020, 01:09 by Hal_Incadenza
I’m really new to this site, got here from CTC. It’s very strange, as a novice it took me a couple of hours to finish the 11x11 starbattle but I’ve been on this puzzle since yesterday and have made no progress at all (even following the hint in the link by the setter), and this one has been rated much easier. Must be missing some basic logic. Where can I get some help/suggestions?

on 28. August 2020, 19:28 by Phistomefel
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