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Dual Windoku

(Published on 4. February 2020, 11:49 by Feadoor)

A leftover from my recent Sudoku GP round. This puzzle was replaced with an easier one to have more balance. There are two puzzles in one grid:

  • Windoku - standard Sudoku rules, and also 1-9 exactly once in each shaded region
  • Anti-Windoku - standard Sudoku rules, and also each shaded region contains exactly four different digits

Solution code: Row 7, Column 5 (Windoku), Row 7, Column 5 (Anti-Windoku)

Solved by zorant, ManuH, cdwg2000, adam001, Nothere, Julianl, Statistica, marcmees, Phistomefel, siuminaga, skywalker, Luigi, tuace, ch1983, Joe Average, r45, flaemmchen, sf2l, Uhu, ropeko, Mody, NikolaZ, ... rcg, WAW, Thomas Meier, zhergan, Ours brun, ffricke, Zzzyxas, geronimo92, pin7guin, rexyz, rimodech, Circleconstant314, ildiko, Richard, saskia-daniela, CyberMonkey, SudokuExplorer, HolyFracker
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on 20. December 2020, 01:59 by SudokuExplorer
Very nice design!

on 20. February 2020, 09:30 by cornuto
Vielen Dank für dieses Spitzenrätsel. Sehr beeindruckend.

on 10. February 2020, 08:30 by lubosh
Wow! What a "wunderbar" puzzle !

on 7. February 2020, 17:30 by Mody
genial :)

on 7. February 2020, 15:20 by Joe Average
die vier Reihen bzw. Spalten in der Reihenfolge wie es da steht, also insgesamt 36 Ziffern.

Last changed on 6. February 2020, 22:11

on 6. February 2020, 22:10 by Rollo
Thank you. I assumed by mistake, that every digit has to appear at least two times.

Last changed on 6. February 2020, 18:32

on 6. February 2020, 18:31 by adam001
Each column, each row, each outlined 3x3-box exactly nine digits and
shaded regions exactly four digits.

on 6. February 2020, 16:52 by Rollo
I am puzzled a little bit by 'Anti-Windoku - standard Sudoku rules', because it is not possible in this case. So does it mean 'Every row, every column, every 3x3-box and every shaded region contains exactly four different digits'?

on 5. February 2020, 00:19 by Phistomefel
This is a work of art. Thanks a lot for it!

Last changed on 5. February 2020, 08:56

on 4. February 2020, 19:18 by Statistica
I also liked the puzzles in the contest. Even the diagonal and anti-diagonal with the same set of clues.

on 4. February 2020, 14:45 by CHalb
Even without starting solving I say: Impressive, very impressive!

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kombination of several puzzletypes sudoku variant of a standard puzzle

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