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Pento Parade Leftover (4) - Mini Pento Loops

(Published on 9. October 2014, 12:00 by Richard)

Logic Masters India hosts a puzzle contest every month. I had the honor to prepare the puzzles for the coming contest. It will be held from 11 till 13 October 2014. It will be called Pento Parade; A set of different Pentomino variants. Some of the variants are published here in the portal earlier by me.

As always the case after making puzzles for a contest, I had a few unused puzzles and I would like to share them here in the portal. At the same time, I can make some extra advertisement for the contest. Participation is free, only a registration at LMI is necessary. You can solve the puzzles whenever you like in the weekend. After downloading the .pdf-file you have 120 minutes to submit your solutions. You can find the instruction booklet here.

Mini Pento Loops
Draw 12 mini loops in the grid such that each loop contains a different pentomino. The loops don’t touch each other, not even diagonally. Reflection and rotation is allowed. The numbers in the grid tell how many of the cell edges belong to a loop.

Solution code: Row 8, followed by row 11. For every cell the letter of the pentomino; '-' for empty cells.

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on 30. October 2014, 20:10 by HaSe
sehr, sehr schön

on 13. October 2014, 16:12 by flaemmchen
Vielen Dank Euch Beiden, dann versuche ich es nochmal :-)

on 13. October 2014, 13:31 by Senor Dingdong
@flaemmchen: Probier's mal mit mehr, aber ich glaube, das ging nicht. Berechtigte Frage:-)

on 13. October 2014, 13:30 by rob
@flaemmchen: Ich habe die bisher alle so gelöst, dass die Pentominos genau die Rundwege ausfüllen, also immer 5 Innenfelder. Dabei waren glaube ich auch Exemplare, wo es sonst nicht eindeutig gewesen wäre.

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kombination of several puzzletypes pentomino puzzle fences (slither link) variant of a standard puzzle

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