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April Neighbours Month (3) - Skyscrapers

(Published on 18. April 2014, 12:00 by Richard)

Place digits (representing skyscrapers of heights) 1-3 inside the bold outlined area so that in each row and column each skyscraper appears three times. Digits outside the outlined area represent the number of skyscrapers that is visible from that viewpoint. Higher skyscrapers hide lower skyscrapers. Digits in grey cells do not share an edge with a cell containing the same digit. Digits in white cells share an edge with at least one cell containing the same digit.

Solution code: Inside the bold area: row 4, followed by row 6.

Last changed on on 19. April 2014, 05:31

Solved by matter, fridgrer, BFaw, saskia-daniela, lupo, pirx, pin7guin, Alex, adam001, Eisbär, Rollo, PRW, ch1983, Luigi, Thomster, joyal, SilBer, zorant, flaemmchen, mango, r45, pokerke, Zzzyxas, deu, ... SP1, moss, Calavera, achan1058, EKBM, kiwijam, rob, verflixt, dm_litv, pwahs, Oskama, Matt, Joe Average, Toastbrot, jirk, angelasteffen, Julianl, skywalker, ChristJan, Mathi, amitsowani, Lagavulin
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on 30. July 2014, 13:26 by Saskia
Like it :-D

Last changed on 19. April 2014, 11:52

on 19. April 2014, 11:51 by CHalb
Richard, dear neighbour, thanks a lot for exploring the possibilities of this puzzletype.

on 19. April 2014, 07:40 by AnnaTh
Die werden ja immer besser!

on 19. April 2014, 05:37 by Richard
@Silke: Bis bald!
I am very much looking forward meeting all German friends again!

on 19. April 2014, 05:31 by Richard
Changed column to row in English solution code description. Thanks RALehrer!

on 19. April 2014, 05:27 by RALehrer
The solution code in the English version is wrong...

on 18. April 2014, 20:33 by SilBer
Eine tolle Serie! Und ein angenehmer Schwierigkeitsgrad... Bis bald auf der DSM! LG Silke

on 18. April 2014, 15:40 by Eisbär
Just made the Top-10 :-)))

on 18. April 2014, 14:34 by pin7guin
Schöne Variante. Danke, Richard!

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skyscrapers variant of a standard puzzle

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