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Touching Pentominos II

(Published on 27. December 2013, 12:00 by Richard)

Place the given pentominos into the grid so that no two of them share an edge. They can touch diagonally, though: every node where two pentominos share a corner is marked with a black dot. Pentominos may be rotated and reflected.

Here you can find Touching Pentominos I and example.

Solution code: Row 3, followed by row 9. For every cell the letter of the pentomino and '-' for an empty cell.

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on 10. January 2014, 13:31 by pin7guin
Mit Pentominos tue ich mich normalerweise eher schwer. Aber die Touching Pentominos konnte ich gut mit einem zusätzlichen Schuss Intuition lösen.
Danke, Richard!

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pentomino puzzle variant of a standard puzzle

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