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Zwischen Sudoku II

(Published on 11. January 2013, 12:00 by Richard)

Between sudoku
Place the digits from 1 to 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block.
Digits on each line must be between the digits in the circles at both ends of the line.

Solution code: Row 8, followed by column 3.

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on 26. March 2014, 18:09 by wolx
Schöne Konstruktion! Habe mich damit sehr schwer getan. Deswegen von mir 4 Sterne und ein sehr gut. :)

on 20. March 2013, 13:22 by Andre
@Richard, Thank you for the help, and directly to you, thank you for so many interresting and nice Puzzle. It´s a plassure to look for.

on 20. March 2013, 13:11 by Richard
@Andre: Take the chain bottom left for example. Imagine there is a '2' in Row 8, Colum 2. In that case the two digits in the circles have to be 1 and 9, since the three (values of) digits in R7C1, R8C2 and R9C3 have to be 'between' the (values of) digits in R6C1 and R9C4. Hope this helps... Good luck!

on 20. March 2013, 13:02 by Andre
Hallo alle zusammen,
ich bin Andre, freue mich sehr über dieses schöne Portal. Danke an alle Aktiven.
Bei diesem Rätsel hätte ich gerne etwas Hilfe zum Verständnis, natürlich müssen Ziffern zwischen Ziffern liegen, aber mit welcher Spezifizierung, habe hier ein Brett vor dem Kopf, sorry.
Freue mich auf Antwort.

on 14. January 2013, 23:26 by ildiko
A tasty dessert to your yummy Advent calendar. Thanks, Richard (and Eisbär).

on 11. January 2013, 05:41 by Richard
This one was a bit too hard for the Advent calendar, so I kept it for a later occasion.

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